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Home Business Partner 4.0

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Making Home Business
Successful since 1994!

Totally Revised
& Re-Designed

See some SCREEN SHOTS from the actual program!

We Listen to YOU! Due to on-going requests and feedback from our customers,
Home Business Partner 4.0 now contains the following New improved features:

What Can Home Business Partner Do for YOU?

     You don't need to use the entire program, but you probably will!.. to manage:
  1. Inventory (if you have items to sell)
  2. Track Customers and allow the program to remind you who to contact & when!
  3. Track Business Associates. Franchises or Multi-Level marketers will love this option to track thier upline and downline of business associates or business contacts.
  4. Print Customer address or phone lists, names to envelopes & more!
  5. The Checkbook tracking program keeps a constant printable log of all checking action, as well as keeping a seperate database on checking info.
  6. The Invoice section allows you to Bill, Ship, or give Invoices for any sales, complete with your name and business information on the Invoice!
  7. A Credit Bureau section is included to help you straighten out bad credit or to find out what kind of credit you currently have.
  8. The Reports section helps you look closely at what you are doing in your business. Keep Tax & cash reports,... Print out your Net Worth Ratio, Profit/Loss Summary & lots more!


     This program was tested in 1994 on Home Business' in Mid-Michigan. We purposfully found people who were not familiar with computers, and allowed them to figure out the software on their own!.. With this research, we found ways to improve our software.

Works in DOS, Win 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98,
Windows 2000, WindowsME, WindowsXP!
NOTE: Has not been tested on "NT" Network Servers.

Tested with entrepreneurs from age 20 to home business owners in their 50's. The simple interface keeps editing nearly the same throughout the program. This new version is the easiest to use yet!.. We've updated Home Business Partner for simplicity and added all requested program improvements.

Now is the time to keep track of your Home Business
and Manage that "Hobby" into the Business you want!

Check Out These Screen Shots of the Actual Program:
Main Screen | Stock Inventory | Reports Section | Print Options Menu
Invoice & Billing | Credit Bureau Help Program | Cash Flow (Income/Expense)

Getting Help With Your New Software

     Each Seperate section of this software is easy enough to figure out on your own, but it comes with text instruction that is as easy as clicking on a menu item to figure out what to do next!

    As Easy As 1 2 3...

  1. Enter the Stock You have to sell (if any)
  2. Record your expenses & Income "Invoices" automatically go into your income records.
  3. Keep regular input into your program
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Actual Screens from this easy to use program

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