Furman H. EVERNHAM b.February 1845 NJ
d.1904 Nebraska
Mary SYKES (1845-1918)
m.6 Jan 1869 Trenton, Mercer, NJ
dau of William & Achsah (Johnson) SYKES
Henry EVERNHAM (b.1815)
Euphema BUCHER (1822-1904)
children: EVERNHAM
  1. John (b.28 Dec 1869 d.1870)3
  2. William (b.1872)
  3. Euphemea (b.1875)
  4. Furman Hendrickson (b.1885)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Amos (b.1840)
  2. George W. (b.1850)
  3. Henry (b.1852)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Page Info Submitted by: Tom Phillips 2002/2003
2Page Info from Deb Butler 2003
3Index to the Year 1870 by the Trenton Historical Society ... Franklin S. Mills, reporter. July, 28th, 1870; "death of John, son of Furman and Mary Evernham, aged 7 months."
4Biography of William Sykes +mentions Everinghams moving to Glenwood, Iowa.

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2009
1860 CENSUS Hmilton Twp., Mercer Co. NJ ... Furman Evernham was 15 years old, b.NJ

1869 Marriage Registration ... Furman H. Evernham & Mary Sykes, m.6 January 1869 at Trenton, Mercer, NJ

1870 CENSUS Hamilton, Mercer, NJ ... Forman Evernham 25, farmer, b.NJ,.. Mary 24 b.NJ,.. John 6/12 b.NJ,... Edward Sweeny 14, farm laborer, b.NJ... Mary A. Halem 13, domestic servant, b.ENG. it's also interesting to note there are two large "HENDRICKSON" families listed on the same Census page as this family. (possible connection to their last child's middle name)

1885 STATE CENSUS Oak twp., Mills, Iowa ... Ferman H. Evernham 40 ... Mary 39,... Eaphena 7,... Robert Bratch 18 no other info... Robert was likely farm labor.

1900 CENSUS Glenwood Twp. Mills, Iowa ... Ferman Evernham, b.Feb 1845 NJ, parents b.NJ, married 32 years,... Mary, b.Oct 1845 NJ, father b.ENG, mother b.NJ, wife, mother of 4, 2 children living,... Ferman b.Aug 1885 IA, son.

1904 The Omaha Daily Bee, Nebraska, Saturday, Sept. 24, 1904... "Dead in room and gas turned on Prominent Farmer of Mills County the victim.. Furnam H. Everingham, an old settler of Mills county and well known resident of Glenwood, was found dead in his roomaa at Ogden hotel early yesterday morning, death having resulted from asphysixiation. The door and window were tightly closed adn the room was filled with gas from a wide-open burner. It was after midnight Thursday the Everingham, who had frequently been a guest of the hotel before, appeared at the Ogden house and asked for a room. His manner, it is said, indicated that he had been drinking and his signature on the register was a mere scrawl. The night clerk accompanied him to his room and before leaving him inquired if he understood how to turn off the gas. Everingham was somewhat indignant at the question being put to him and replied of course I know how to turn off the light. I ain't no Rube, am I? The window and transom over the door were both open, so the clerk states, when he left Everingham. Everingham was 57 years of age and is survived by his wife and two children, a son and a daughter, the latter being married. Two weeks ago Everingham's house in Glenwood was struck by lightning and burned, he himself having a narrow escape from being burned. The wife at the time of the fire and since has been visiting relatives in New Jersey. Everingham's visit to Council Bluffs was to close a trade with John L. Price for a large farm in Nebraska, he having arranged to meet Mr. Price yesterday morning at 9 o'clock. Deceased dealt extensively in farm lands and owned a number of fine farms in Mills county, besides a number of houses and lots in Glenwood. Henry Everingham, proprietor of teh commercial house in Glenwood, a brother of the dead man, came to the city on learning of his brother's tragic end, and took the body back to Glenwood, where the funeral will be held today. "

1910 CENSUS Glenwood Twp. Mills, Iowa ... Mary Evernham 64, widowed, father b.ENG, mother b.NJ,... Harry Bolton 30, b.OH,... Margaret Bolton 27, b.IL

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