Allen Roy BOWERS b.14 Jun 1950 Lansing, MI
Catherine Helen SEYMOUR
(b.22 Nov 1952)
married: Nov 28, 1970
Charles BOWERS (b.1926)
Inez Marie EVERINGHAM (b.1929)
children: BOWERS
  1. Rebecca Lynn (b.11 Sept 1974)
    born in Lansing, MI
  2. Jeffrey (b.19 Nov 1977)
    born in Greenville, MI
  1. Lynn Marie (b.7 Oct 1947)
  2. Darrell Charles (8 Nov 1953)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Cathy & Alan's Wedding Day
Cathy & Allen's

Cathy's parents were:
Herbert Daris SEYMOUR and Mary Lee SPINNER.

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