Lady Elizabeth BEAUMONT
also known as: "Baroness Botreaux"
b.1389 Falkingham, Lincolnshire1
died 1488 in Gainsborough1
Baron William BOTREAUX 1
(b.20 Feb 1388/9 Lincolnshire, England)
(d.16 May 1462) 3rd Lord Botreaux
Sir John BEAUMONT (b.~1361)
Katherine EVERINGHAM (b.~1365)
children: BOTREAUX

  1. Alice (b.~1409)
  2. Margaret (b.~1410 or 1422)1,3
  3. William (b.~1411)1,2 died infancy
  4. Anne (b.~1412 d.1427)1,2
  5. William (b.~1415 d.1470)
  6. Reginald (b.~1415)

siblings: BEAUMONT

  1. Henry (b.~1387) A Baron

  2. Thomas (b.~1389) A Knight

fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Information from Medieval Families Genealogical Dept. Utah ~~~~,
Medieval Families
Genealogical Department
50 E. North Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT

2born in Lincolnshire England
3born in Farleigh-Hungerford, Somersetshire, England
Note: Anne Botreaux married John Stafford June 1426, Margaret Botreaux (a baroness) married Robert Hungerford (baron) abt.1439.

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