Bernice EVERNHAM b.abt 1889
William DALTON
Elmer Charles EVERNHAM
Nellie Mary CLARK
children: DALTON
  1. Tom Maurice W. (b.~1915)
  2. Clarence A. (b.~1917)
  3. Dorothy (b.~1919)
  4. Ralph Clare (b.~1921)
  5. Hershal Wayne (b.~1924)
  6. Catherine Elizabeth (b.~1927)
  7. Harold
siblings: EVERNHAM
  1. Clarence (b.1885)
  2. Walter Clark (b.~1892 d.1944)
  3. Abbie L. (b.1894)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, January 2012;
Iowa Births and Christenings, 1830-1950 index only, no dates given...
Ralph Clare Dalton, b.Rawles, Iowa, fa; William Dalton, mo; Bernice Catherine Evernham.
Hershal Wayne Dalton, b. Mills, Iowa, fa; William Dalton, mo; Bernice Evernham
Kathryn Elizabeth Dalton, b.Rawles, Iowa, fa; William Dalton, mo; Bernice Evernham
Harold Dalton, b.Rawles, Iowa, fa; Will Dalton, mo; Bernice Evernham.

1910 CENSUS Tabor, Fremont, Iowa (page 10, Family #200) .. Nellie M. Evernham 51,.. Bernice K. Evernham, b.IA, single, daughter,... Abbie L. Evernham 15.

1920 CENSUS Mills County, Iowa (Sheet 8) ... Will Dalton 39,.. Bernice 30,.. Tom Maurice 5,.. Clarence 3y3m, Dorthy 1.

1930 CENSUS Rawles, Mills, Iowa (Sheet 4A, family #80) ... William Dalton 50,.. Bernice C. 40 married, b.Iowa, wife, father b.IA, mother b.USA,.. Maurice W. 15,.. Clarence A. 13,.. Dorothy 11,.. Ralph C. 9,.. Hershel W. 6,.. Catherine 3

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