Burnham Family
occ: insurance agent.
b.July 1872 Dunnville, Ontario
Mary M. "TWEEDDEY"? (b.Apr 1870 Scotland)
married about 1895
divorced before 1930 according to Census.

Ida _____?


Arnon Columbus BURNHAM
Amelia Maria FARR

children: BURNHAM
  1. Alfred E. (b.Jan 1896 NY)
  2. Newton Stuart (b.8 Aug 1897/8 NY?)
  3. Isabelle E. (b.Feb 1899 MI)

    possible child of Newton & Ida:

  4. Lawrence (b.~1913)
siblings: BURNHAM
  1. Norman L. (b.Aug 1867)
  2. Eliza Melissa (b.14 Dec 1869)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2006;
1881 CENSUS Canborough, Monck, Ontario (Page 9, familiy #45)... Arnon C. Burnham 43,.. Amelia 32,.. Norman L. 13,.. Eliza M. 11,.. Newton A. 9. (all born in Ontario).

1898 MI Wayne Co. Birth Record (pg 127, #1891) ... Newton S. Burnham, male, b.8 Aug 1898, recorded at Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, son of; Newton Burnham b.Canada, & Mary Burnham b.Scotland.... mystery: The Wayne County, Michigan register has his birthplace listed as "Buffalo"... possibly born in NY, registered in MI?

1900 CENSUS Detroit, Wayne, MI (Page 18B, family #401) .. Newton Burnham 36, b.July 1864 CAN, occ: insurance agent,.. Mary Burnham 30, b.April 1870 Scot, wife, married 5 years, mother of 3 children, 3 living,.. Alfred Burnham 4, b.Jan 1896 NY, son,.. Stewart Burnham 3, b.Aug 1897 NY, son,.. Isabelle Burnham 1, b.Feb 1899 MI, dau,.. Mary Tweeddey 77, b.Feb 1823 Scotland, mother-in-law,.. Francis Tweeddey 19, b.FEb 1881 Scot, niece.

1910 CENSUS Detroit, Wayne, MI (Page 13, family #310)... Newton A. Burnham 38, b.CAN,.. Mary M. 36, b.Scotland, wife,.. Alfred E. 14, b.NY, son,.. Stuart 12, b.NY, son, Isabelle E. 11, b.MI, dau.

1920 CENSUS Detroit, Wayne, MI (Sheet 2) ... A. Newton Burnham 47, b.CAN,.. Mary M 45, b.Scot, wife,.. Alfred 24, b.NY, son,.. Stuart N. 22, b.NY, son,.. Isabel E. 20, b.MI, dau.

1930 CENSUS Detroit, Wayne, MI (sheet 19B, fam #17).. Mary M. Burnham 58, b.Scotland, divorced,.. Isabelle E. Burnham 31, b.MI, daughter.

updated info from Kevin Everingham, 2012:
1930 CENSUS Detroit, Wayne, MI (Sheet 27B, fam #30)... Newton Burnham 57, b.CAN,.. Ida Burnham 43, b.CAN, wife,.. Lawrence Burnham 17, b.MI, son. this is either a different Newton Burnham living in the same city, or he had this child, before 1920, while still previously married to Mary. There is no Ida & Newton Burnham in Detroit before 1930. This child "Lawrence" may have been the catalyst for the divorce, or "IF" this is the same Newton, he may have adopted this child. (same or not?) There was a Lawrence Burnham born June 20, 1913 at House of Mercy in Pittsfield, MA to Ida May Burnham of Pittsfield, MASS. she was born at Oneida, NY, and there was no information given on the father.

1940 CENSUS Detroit, Wayne, MI (Sheet 8B, Family #199) ... Mary Burnham 72, b.Scotland, divorced,.. Isabelle Burnham 41, daughter, single.

1940 CENSUS Detroit, Wayne, MI (Sheet 7B, family #166) ... Newton Burnham 67, b.CAN, occ: auto factory,.. Ida Burnham 53, b.CAN, wife.

1946 (Immigration) Card Manifests of people entering the U.S. through the port of Detroit, Michigan. ... Newton A. Burnham 75, born in Dunnville, Canada, occ: clerk, accompanied by wife Ida... entered the U.S. at Detroit, Wayne county, MI on July 15, 1946, from Canada.... question: ever been in the U.S. "yes, Oct 1889 to July 6, 1946, Detroit.... destination; 6702 Myistic St. Detroit, MI.... height 5' 7", med complexion, grey hair, hazel eyes... distinguising marks; scar tip of 2nd finger, right hand... purpose: "resume residence".

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