Charles Leslie EVERINGHAM
b.abt 1885 Howard County, Iowa
d.20 Dec 1917 Detroit, Becker, MINN
Barsnett Dell EVERINGHAM b.1832
Helen D. HUNT
children: EVERINGHAM

    he died by age 33.

siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Francis Dell (b.1859)
  2. Helen M. (b.1862)
  3. Mary J. (b.1866 or 67)
  4. Emma R. (b.1868)
  5. Ida E. (b.1871)
  6. Effie F. (b.1874)
  7. Edith L. (b.1876)
  8. Mabel D. (b.1879)
  9. Alice E. (b.1880)
  10. William W. (b.1882)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
(research of Kevin Everingham)

1885 in the 1885 Iowa State Census, Charles was listed as 0 "a baby".
1895 in the 1895 Iowa State Census, Charles was listed as 9 years old.
both records suggest a probable date of birth of 1884 or 1885.

1910 CENSUS Glenwood, Pope, Minnesota (Sheet 15B, house #229).. William H. Wilson 26, b.IL,.. Helen L. Wilson 27, b.MN,.. Mildred C. Wilson 3, b.MN,.. Lisa G. Wilson 2, b.MN,.. Charles L. Evringham 26, b.IA,, lodger,.. Eddie Baumgastuer 29, b.IA, lodger.

1917 Death Record Charles Leslie Everingham, d.20 Dec 1917 at Detroit, Becker Co. Minnesota, age 33, son of Bassinet Everingham.

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