Daniel EVERHAM born bet 1811 - 1814 NJ
d.29 March 1893 New Hanover, Burlington, NJ
m.16 Nov 1833 Burlington, New Jersey
son, Gilbert is linked to the MOTT family which give a possible link to these families:

Gilbert Everingham |James Everingham
speculation only/ no proof & both married after Daniel was born. Could also be related to this family; William Everham married 1810 Burlington.

  1. Caroline (b.~1838 NJ)
  2. Gilbert (b.~1845 NJ)
  3. Euphema (b.~1848 NJ)
siblings: EVERHAM
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, 2011;

1833 Marriage Record Burlington County NJ Court Rcrds Microfilm 0848872-0848873-- Everham, Daniel - 16 Nov.,1833 - Malsbury, Abigail
1833 The Burlington Mirror Newspaper, December 5, 1833 (Page 3),.. Married on November 16, 1833, by the Rev. James M. Challiss, Mr. Daniel Evernham to Miss Abigail Malsbury, both of Chesterfield, Burlington County.

1850 CENSUS Chesterfield, Burlington, NJ ... Daniel Evernham 36 (b.~1814) NJ,... Abigal 40 (b.~1810) NJ,... Caroline 12 (b.~1838) NJ,... Gilbert 5 (b.~1845) NJ,... Euphema 2 (b.~1848) NJ.

1860 CENSUS Chesterfield, Burlington, NJ ... Daniel Everham 48 (b.~1812) NJ,.. Gilbert 18 (b.~1842) NJ,.. Euphenia 13 (b.~1847) NJ.

1870 CENSUS New Hanover twp, Burlinton, NJ ... Charlotte Newbold 60,... Sarah 32,.. Sarah Camp 16,.. Daniel Everham 60, laborer,... Pamelia Hand 25.

1880 CENSUS Wrightstown, Burlington, NJ ... Sarah Newbold 45,.. Charlotte Newbold 76,.. Eliza Taylor 17,.. Daniel Everham 69, farm laborer, widowed.

1893 Death Registration .... Daniel Everham 82, laborer, d.29 March 1893 at New Hanover, Burlington, NJ, widowed.

Jacobstown Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Burlington county, NJ... Daniel Everham age 82y, 5m, 5d.... Abigail Everham, age 41y, 5m.... Ella B. Everham, age 2.

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