Thomas DELL b. 17991,2 Crowland Twp, Welland, Ont.2
d.8 Sept 1884 Crowland, Ontario2
Anna Rice TINNEY (b.~1791 PA)2
died 12 Sept. 1884
Burris DELL (b.abt 1772)
  1. Susannah (b.1836)
  2. William (b.1822)
  3. Elizabeth Ann (b.1826)
  4. Lydia (b.~1826)
  5. Thomas Johah (b.1830)
  6. Jonathan (b.1832)
  7. Chester Bassnet "Bassie" (b.1835)
  8. Archibald (b.1837)
  9. Laura (b.1839)
  10. Charles (b.1841)
  11. Stephen (b.1843)
siblings: DELL
  1. Jonathan (b.1795)
  2. Mary Jane (b.1795)
  3. Susan (b.1800)
  4. William G. (b.1802)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Most information here from the "Worldconnect" files of Kimball G. Everingham.
2Genealogy files of Linda (Dell) Donaldson, sent Sept. 2002.

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