John DERBY b.~May 1789 New Hampshire
d.3 June 1874 Almont, MI
Sarah CURRIER (b.~1788)
m.31 Jan 1811 Hanover, Grafton, NH

Anna CURRIER (b.~1795)
m.13 Feb 1815 Hanover, Grafton, NH

Nathaniel DARBY (b.~1746 NH)
Jemima SKINNER (b.~1759 NH)
children: DERBY
  1. Elvira (b.~1811 NH)
  2. Polly (b.~1813 NH)
  3. Sarah A. (b.~1822) m. _ DEWEY
  4. Martha (b.~1824)
  5. Alfred (b.~1826)
  6. Albert (b.~1826)
  7. Samuel C. (b.~1829 PA)
  8. John (b.~1833)
  9. Anna (b.~1835)
  10. Margaret (b.~1838)
  11. William Henry (b.~1841)
siblings: DERBY
  1. Jedadiah
  2. Benjamin
  3. Nathaniel
  4. Walter
  5. Amasa
  6. Lucy
  7. Elizabeth
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham;

Sarah & Anna were daughters of Samuel & Anna (Collins) Currier of New Hampshire.

1811 New Hampshire marriage record (image #4007) ... John Derby, married Sarah Currier, January 31, 1811, at Hanover, Grafton, New Hampshire.

1815 New Hampshire Marriage Record (pg 174)... John Derby, groom,... Anna Currier, bride,... married by Isaac Bridgeman, clergyman on February 13th, 1815. Married at Hanover, Grafton, New Hampshire.

1903 Michigan Death Record (#166) Lapeer County, MI ... Sarah A. Dewey, 80, died January 25, 1903 at Almont Township, Lapeer County, MI, d/o John Derby & Anna Currier.

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