b.12 Feb 1861 New Jersey
or born Feb 1862?
Ella M. PHARO (b.~1863)
m.7 Jan 1887 Camden City, Camden NJ
... OR ...
Ella M. THAW
m.7 Jan 1888 Camden, NJ.
Daniel EVERINGHAM (b.1839 NJ)
children: EVERINGHAM

    No Children.
  1. Samuel (b.20 Nov 1862)
  2. Emma Matilda (b.~1866)
  3. Mary Jane (b.22 July 1869)
  4. Parvin (b.1 May 1874)
  5. Laura K. (b.11 Nov 1877)
  6. Eugene G. (b.1880-d.1881)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research timeline of Kevin Everingham, 2010:

1870 CENSUS Cinnaminson, Burlington, NJ .... Daniel Everingham 30, shoemaker,.. Anna 31, keeping house,.. David 9,.. Emma 4,.. Mary J. 10/12.

1880 CENSUS Riverside, Burlington, NJ.... Daniel W. Everingham 41, b.NJ parents born NJ, married, occ: Banking & Ditching,... Annie 42, wife, b.NJ parents b.NJ,... David H. 19,.. Emma M. 14,.. Mary J. 10,.. Parvin V. 6,.. Laura K 2.

1887 Marriage David H. Everingham 25,... Ella M. Pharo 24, married 7 January 1887 at Camden City, Camden, NJ. This record is a transcribed familysearch file, no visual record to view.
very confusing marriage notice: (Ella Pharo or Ella Thaw?)
1888 Marriage Notice Burlington Newspaper, Jan 25, 1888 (Page 2, Col.6).. Married, EVERINGHAM-THAW, at Camden, January 7th, by Rev J.R. Westwood, David Hy Everingham and Ella M. Thaw, both of Riverton

1900 CENSUS Cinnaminson twp., Burlington, NJ.... David Everingham b.Feb 1862 NJ, married for 12 years, parents b.NJ,...Ella Everingham, b.Nov 1861 NJ, wife, parents b.NJ, married 12 years, no children.,... also living here: Nathan D. Aspinwall, b.May 1856 PA., widowed.

1920 CENSUS Burlington, NJ,... David H. Everingham 57, b.NJ, married,... Ellen Everingham, 58, wife.

same Ella?
1937 Burlington Newspaper, May 12, 1937 (Page 10, Col1).. "Obituaries, died May 8, Ella M. Everingham, widow of D. Harry Everingham, formerly of East Riverton."

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