Dochstader 2
AKA "Captain" Dochstader/Docksteder
Loyalist during the American Revolution
b.abt 1750? 9 -- NOTE: this is
not John Dochstader Baptised 10 Dec 1760!
married Native American 1:
unknown, possibly "Sarah BRANT" (m.~?)5,8,9
of the Mohawks
possible sister/relative of Chief Joseph Brant
married Native American 2:
of the Seneca Tribe
married Native American 3:
Sarah Smoke MONTOUR (m.~1780)
of the Cayuga Tribe
daughter of Chief Guyanguahta
married Native American 4:
name unknown (m.~1785)7,9
of the Onondaga Tribe
Sister of Onondaga Chief Kaneahintwaghte

Hendrick DOCKSTADER (b.~1714)
Catherine Van Antwerp

Children of John Dockstader:
  1. Sarah (child w/1st wife)
  2. John Jr. (b.~1768 NY)
  3. Joseph
  4. Wari

  5. Adam Dochstader Tyatahada (b.~1778 NY)

  6. Mary (b.~1782 NY)

  7. Catherine (b.~1788)
more info:

see additional info about John
Dochstader in the book:

The Everingham Family of MI, (c)2006
fact sources and writings about this individual:
  1. Deed 29 Dec 1796, signed by Brant giving land to Benjamin Canby (UC Land Petitions, B21, part 1, 1837-38 #71)
  2. Deed 9 May 1802 signed by Brant J(19000 Acres) given by 6 Nations to John Docksteder and later sold by him to Benjamin Canby (R.G. 10, 26 (1801-2):440)
  3. Affidavit os S. Street 3 Mar 1835 re grant of land (21000acres) by Brant to John Docksteder (UC Land Petitions, B21, Part 1 1837-38 No. 71 C)
  4. Memorial of Caroline Burnham and John Burnham heirs of JD re title to certain lands on south side Grand River. According to survey of Lewis Burwell as held by Capt. Docksteder under Indian title, 25 Nov 1837 (US Land Petition B21, part 1 1837-38 No. 71 r) Pg2856-Addenda information. Catharine called Caroline in the Memorial
  5. Vredenburg Searcher Vol. 1 No. 2 July 1993
  6. William D. Reids' "Loyalist's in Ontario, Sons & Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada", lists Catharine Docksteder as married to Lyman Burnham of Haldimand in 29 Apr 1819 when she applied for U.E. Land grant. O.C (orders-in -council). Also under John Docksteder, Nicholas, of Haldimand Co., 28 Apr, 1812. contact Kevin Everingham for other lookups in this book.
  7. Listing two of Capt. Dochstader's wives. Thanks to Debbie St.Louis & Erlene Dudley, 2003: "Erlene verified the fact that John Dockstader was married to the sister, not the niece, of Kaneahintwaghte, with David Faux, who is the author of the information that Debbie St. Louis used and which appears on this web site. David's original source was the "Journal of John Norton", p.5 and I checked this source as well. The citation there indicates that Catherine was the niece of Kaneahintwaghte; therefore, her mother would be the sister of Kaneahintwaghte."
  8. according to several sources including IGI files (no actual proof documentation found), John DOCHSTADER (b.~1740) and the 1/2 sister of Joseph BRANT (b.~1740), were married Abt 1769 in an Indian Ceremony, at: Mohawk River Valley, Albany, New York. The names and places above may be of interest, but all of the estimated dates seem miscalculated.
  9. Research of Erlene Dudley, 2003. Reference; The Dockstader Family by Doris Dockstader Rooney.
  10. from the book The Everingham family of Michigan (c)2006 John Dochstader was a close friend & military peer of 6 Nations Chief Joseph Brant. His 1st wife was "rumored" to be Joseph's 1/2 sister or neice although no proof has been found. Dochstader & Brant's relationship can be found noted in the 19th Century Land Atlas notes of Haldimand County, Ontario, when a killing of Delaware Braves ignited a retaliation near Dochstader's home. He sent for and received help from his friend Joseph Brant and a group of Mohawk Braves.
  11. updated research of David K. Faux, Oct 2011... An affadavit of Henry Dotchsteder of the Grand River, states he is the brother of John Dotchsteder,and that he, Henry, had never professed to own the land in question. Sgt John Dochstader and his wife, Catherine, moved back to Canada, and lived on the land that was granted to him by Joseph Brant and now was known as the Fradenburgh Tract. Sgt. John and Catherine, their daughter, Sarah, and her husband Wilhelmus Fradenburgh are buried in the South Cayuga Baptist Cemetery on Regional road #20, Con.4, Lot 16, in South Cayuag Twp., Halidimand Co. ON. ... John Dochstader, b.~1750 NY m."mohawk" children; John, b.~1768, Joseph, Wari... married 2nd to an unknown "Seneca" child; Adam Dochstader Tyatahada, b.~1778 NY,.. married 3rd Sarah Smoke Montour, daughter of Seneca Chief Guyanguahta, child; Mary b.~1782,... married 4th to an unknown "onondaga", sister of Chief Kaneahintwaghte, children; Catherine, b.~1787.

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