Virginia Isabel DOYLE b.3 Nov 1913
d.5 Aug 1997
John PETZOLD Nov 1932
Adelaide Elizabeth EVERINGHAM (b.1891)
Earl Patrick DOYLE
children: PETZOLD
  1. Beverly June (b.1 Jun 1933) 2
  2. John Arthur (b.15 Apr 1935) 3
siblings: DOYLE
  1. Oren Eugene (b.13 Jul 1912)
  2. Erlene Elizabeth (b.31 Jul 1915)
  3. Esther Almira (b.9 Jun 1919)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Info above from Erlene Dudley, sent to Ray Everingham - Australia.
2Beverly died 23 Jun 1997. She married Jose COTEZ (divorced), no children.
3John d.4 Dec 1981. He was married to Joan FINE Sept 1962. They had 2 sons - Lance, and Sean.

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