Elizabeth Jane EVERINGHAM
b.3 Jan 1821 New Jersey2,3
d.28 Feb 1862 Wayne Co, IN
Oliver Harrison POTTER
m.10 Jan 1839
Isaac EVERINGHAM (b.1789)
Emeline HALL (b.1794)
children: POTTER
  1. Franklin (b.13 Mar 1840)
  2. Charles G. (b.7 Dec 1841)
  3. Octavious Leonard (b.Jan. 6, 1843)
  4. William Rex (b.22 Sept 1845)
  5. Deborah F. (b.2 April 1847)
  6. Emily F. (b.15 Aug 1840)
  7. Caroline R. (b.28 Jan 1852)
  8. Oliver Harrison (b.16 Jul 1854)
  9. Leonard Job F. (b.14 Aug 1856)
  10. Ephraim W. (b.25 Nov 1858)
  11. Curtiss O. (b.15 Jun 1861)
    First 8 children born in Dover Twp, NJ, the rest born in Indiana.
siblings: EVERNHAM
  1. Lydia Ann (b.1817)
  2. George H. (b.1819)
  3. Benjamin D. (b.1824)
  4. Andrew J. (b.1827)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Data organized by Tom Phillips
2Potter family information from Carl Kurtis Potter, 2003;
After the Civil War Oliver moved to Jasper County, Illinois and married Susanna Miller July 6, 1865 at Newton, Ill. They had 9 children, giving him a huge family of 20 children in total. After Oliver died Susan and children, including youngest of Elizabeth's--Curtiss, moved first to Kansas then to Oklahoma. Susan finally moved to Oregon with some of her boys, while 3 boys came to Calgary, including my grandfather, Henry Carson Potter. One boy later went to Oregon. One daughter ended up in Nebraska and one in Oregon. Several families remained in Indiana and Illinois. Curtiss was one of the three who came to Calgary, but he returned to Oklahoma, leaving only Carson in Canada.

It is said that Elizabeth hated for Oliver to be at sea. This is not surprising given the dramatic shipwreck of her brother Andrew Jackson and the generally dangerous coasting shipping. Oliver was said to have grown cranberries in NJ. They farmed in Indiana.

I am from Oliver's second family, but my middle name is Kurtis, mispelled but after great uncle Curtiss, Elizabeth's son, thus my "inlaw" interest in Elizabeth's extended family.

3NOTE: Other family notes show
Elizabeth's date of birth as January 3, 1822.

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