Elizabeth Ann EVERINGHAM b. about 1838 in NJ
John H. Riley
March 3, 1855 Falls Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania
Major Everingham b. 13, April 1792 NJ
Sarah_____? (b. 1811 NJ)
  1. Sarah Priscilla Riley (b. Oct. 15, 1858)
  2. William Henry Riley (b. Jan. 10, 1860)
  3. John Edward Riley (b. about 1863)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Benjamin (b. 1841)
  2. Clayton (b. 1842)
  3. Aaron (b. 1844)
  4. Margarretta (b. 1846)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
All children were born in Falls Township Bucks County Pennsylvania.
All information is from IGI files
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