Everngam Line
Elizabeth EVERINGHAM b.1790
Michael TODD III Jan 1819
William EVERINGHAM (b.1765)
Elizabeth WILLIS
children: TODD
    no Children?
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Nancy (b.1788)2
  2. William (b.1795)2
  3. Mary (b.1798)2
  4. Joseph (b.1798)2
  5. Thomas Jefferson (b.1801)3
  6. Peter W. (b.1804)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1From research of Ann J. Everingham
2Everngam Family History by William H. Everngam, dated 1942

Renee Marr notes state the following about Michael TODD Jr.:

He came up the Choptank from Dorchester in a sailboat. He married Mary Johnson, and her father had received a land grant called "Johnson's Venture". After they were married, Michael received a second and larger land grant of about 371 acres from Lord Baltimore. This was called "Todd's Venture" and occurred abt. 1761.

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