Emma Mosley
b.abt 1877
d.16 June 1941 NY
married abt. 1896
Willis MOSLEY (b.~1856 NY)
Frances McMANUS (b.1859 NY)
m.abt 1875
Frances later married William PALMETER
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Earl A. (b.Jan 1898)
siblings: MOSLEY
  1. George (b.1880 NY)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham 2009;
1870 Onondaga, NY (Page 27,.. July 26, 1870) ... John Moseley 56, b.CT,.. Emily Moseley 51, b.NY,.. Nelson Moseley 30, b.NY,.. Willis Moseley 14, b.NY,.. Fidelia Wilcox, 36, b.NY

1875 CENSUS E.D.3, Onondaga, Onondaga, NY... (living next to Albert & Helen Everingham family)... John Mosley 61, b.CON,.. Emily A. Mosley 55, b.NY, wife,.. Nelson Mosley 34, son,.. Willis Mosley 19, son,.. Frances Mosley 17, wife.

1880 Onondaga, Onondaga NY (Page 134D #2195)... Willis Mosley 24, b.NY,.. Frank (Frances) 22, b.NY,.. Emma Mosley, 3, daughter,.. George Mosley 0, son.

1892 NY State CENSUS image Onondaga, NY
1892 E.D.5, Onondaga, Onondaga, NY... Emily Mosely 73,.. Francis Mosley 34,.. Emma Mosely 15,.. George Mosely 13,..Nelson Mosely 52, laborer.

1900 Town of Onondaga, Onondaga Co. NY CENSUS SDist 12, EDist 74, Sheet 6A
#131/135 - Mary Chapman, head, born Aug 1827, age 72, no children, born NY, widowed,... Wm. Everingham, nephew, b. sept 1864, age 35, born NY, married 4 years, salesman. - very strange that William was married but living with his Aunt.

1900 Town of Onondaga, Onondaga Co. NY CENSUS SDist 12, EDist 74, Sheet 7B #177/181 - Frances Mosley, head, f, b. Feb 1859, age 42, b.NY, married 25 yrs,.. Emma Everingham, dau. b.May 1877, age 23, married 4 yrs, 1 child, born NY, Earl A. Everingham, grandson, b.Jan 1898, age 3, James McManus, father born Oct 1826,a ge 73, widowed, born NY, Farm Laborer. notice both William and Emma are still married, and have been for the past 4 years.... He's living with his Aunt and Emma is living with her mother, in the same town.

1905 Newspaper article about an inheritance of Emma.

1920 CENSUS Onondaga, NY -- Earl A. Everingham 22, b.NY, single,... Emma 43, b.NY, mother, widowed,... Frances Palmeter 61, grandmother, b.NY parents b.NY, widowed.

1930 CENSUS Syracuse, Onondaga, NY (EnmDist 197, Sheet 1A, family #2)... Henry HS Handy 73,.. Caroline T Handy 63,.. Bryan H. Handy 39,.. Emma Everingham 52, married, b.NY, servant, parents b.NY,.. Earl Everingham 32, single, b.NY,.. Frances Palmeter 72, widowed, b.NY, servant, parents b.NY,.. Ethel Payne 34, single, b.NY, servant. Emma (still married) was working as a servant for the Handy family where her mother Frances was also working, and son Earl was living here.

1941 Syracuse Herald Journal... "Town of Geddes. June 16, 1941, Mrs. Emma Everingham survived by her son, Earl Everingham; her mother Mrs. Frances Palmeter of Cazenovia; one brother, George Mosley of Cazenovia. Private funeral services at the home of her son. 211 Bronson Road, Wednesday 2 P.M."

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