Eva L. EVERINGHAM b.abt 1869 Onondaga Co. NY
Myles T. FRISBIE (b.3 April 1865)
married 15 May 1893
s/o I.Tyler & Mary J. (Congdon) Frisbie
Francis M. EVERINGHAM (b.1833)
Damia COLE (b.1842)
children: FRISBIE

  1. Dorothy Jean
  2. Marian Everingham
  1. Van Rensaelaer (b.1864)
  2. Hattie C. (b.1868)
  3. Damia LaVerne
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Past and Present Syracuse and Onondaga County New York by Rev. William M. Beauchamp, S.T.D., S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1908
M.T. Frisbie was born on a farm in Otisco, Onondaga County. His parents were I. Tyler and Mary J. (Congdon) Frisbie. On May 15th 1893, Mr. Frisbie was married to Miss Eva L. Everingham of Onondaga Valley and they have 2 daughters, Dorothy Jean and Marian Everingham. This book contains a biography of M.T. Frisbie.

1900 Census, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY dist 0159, sheet 7B, house 179, image 00240
Myles T. Frisbie, b.1865 NY,.. Eva L. Frisbie, wife, b.1869 NY age 30, married 7 years,.. Dorothy J. dau, b.Nov 1899 NY,.. Hattie C. Everingham, sis-in-law, b.May 1868 NY, age 32, single.

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