UK - USA group
b.~1856 Iowa (according to Census data)
d.1920 Jackson County, MO
Harry HOLBROOK (1849-1898)
Richard D. EVERINGHAM (b.Eng)
Comfort KIRBY
children: HOLBROOK
  1. one child
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Richard W. (1858 - 1859)
  2. Sarah E. (1859 - 1860)
  3. Anna E. (1862 - 1863)
  4. William K (b.1 Feb 1865 MO)
  5. Martha "Mattie" (b.27 May 1867 MO)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Transcribed records below from the Research of Kevin Everingham of MI 2013:

1870 CENSUS Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri (Sept 24 1870, Family #1748) ... Richard Everingham 43, b.ENG, occ: carpenter,.. Comfort 32, b.ENG,.. Fanny 14, b.IA,.. Willy 5 b.MO,.. Martha 3, b.MO.

1880 CENSUS Kansas City, Jackson, MO (Page 77D, #4020) ... Richard Ervingham 52, b.ENG, occ: carpenter,.. Comfort 40, b.ENG, wife,.. Fannie 22, b.IA, dau,.. Willie 15, b.MO, son,.. Mattie 13, b.MO, dau.

1900 CENSUS Kansas City, Jackson, MO (Page 2A, family #2)... Richard Everingham 73, b.Aug 1827 Eng, widowed, married 26 yrs, occ: Capitalist,.. Fannie L. Holbrook 43, b.Mar 1857 IA, dau, widowed, married 11yrs, mother of 1,.. Wm. K Everingham 35, b.Feb 1865 MO, son, occ: Bookkeeper R.R.... Mary E. Lake 40, b.IA, boarder, occ: Dressmaker

1920 CENSUS Jackson County, Missouri.. Fannie Holbrook was 63, b.MO, widowed,... and living with the Frederick & Frieda Pagan family. I don't think she is related to this family as he was born in Switzerland and she in Germany.

Mount Washington Cemetery, Jackson County, Missouri.... Big Headstone has a lot of family information on it... "Richard Everingham 1827-1910, Comfort Kirby Everingham 1838-1882, Richard W. 1858-1859,.. Sarah E. 1859-1860,.. Anna E. 1862-1863,... Harry Holbrook 1849-1898,.. Fannie E. Holbrook 1856/8?-1920, obviously daughter Fannie married Harry Holbrook and other children listed died young. This also gives either the middle or last name of Comfort. Also listed in this cemetery: Mattie Everingham Kost b.27 May 1867, died Dec 6, 1947.... William K. Everingham b.1 Feb 1865, died 24 Feb 1934.

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