Dexter FARNHAM b.abt 1807 New Hampshire
d.14 July 1876 Ingham Co, MI
Roxcina DAY (1812-1875) "Roxie"
married in 1829
Dexter's parents:
Roxcina's parents:
Pelatiah & Rosetta DAY
children: FARNHAM
  1. Henry (b.1831-33 NY)
  2. Hiram (b.~1835 NY, d.1909 MI)
  3. John (b.~1837 NY, d.1911 MI)
  4. Marcellus (b.~1839 MI)
  5. Robertson (b.~1841 MI, d.1909 MI)
  6. Charles (b.~1843 d.1857)
siblings: FARNHAM
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham of Michigan, 2010

1810 CENSUS data of Genesee County, New York shows four Farnhams; Philo, Levi, Joseph and Benjamin. although it's probable that Dexter's parents were in New Hampshire in 1810, in that year there are nearly 50 Farnham/farnum's in New Hampshire!

1820 CENSUS Pembroke, Genesee County, New York ... Dexter would have been a teen and living with a parent. There were at least 12 Farnham's in the Census data of Genesee, NY, in 1820...and at least 6 Farnham's in Pembroke, Genesee, NY, including; Frederick C., Asa, Philo, Elisha, Eber and William. Any of those 6 could be Dexter's father, or his family could have still been in New Hampshire.

Dexter first officially shows up in Census data:
1830 CENSUS Pembroke, Genesee County, New York ... Dexter Farnham.
There were at least 15 Farnham's in the Census data of Genesee, NY, in 1830. Also living next to Dexter Farnham is Pelatiah Day (his father-in-law).

1836 Dexter's Biography says he moved to Grand Blanc, MI from Genessee County, New York in 1836.

1840 CENSUS Grand Blanc, Genesee County, Michigan ... Dexter Farnham.
1840 CENSUS Pembroke, Genesee County, New York.. Peltiah Day. looks like Roxcina's parents were still living in Genesee,NY in 1840.

1847 The Argus Newspaper, Albany, NY 1847 (Legal section)... "The people of the State of New York, to Elijah Day and Sally Rice, the wife on Jo##am Rice, of the town of Pembroke, in the county of Genesee, in the said state of New York, Sylvester Day, Samuel Day, and Charles P. Day of the town of Grand Blanc in the County of Genesee and state of Michigan, and Roxana Farnham, the wife of Dexter Farnham of the county of Livingston in the said state of Michigan, all of whom are twenty-on years of age and upwards, heir and next of kin of Pei##ah Day, late of the town of Pembroke, in the county of Genesee, deceased. Wereas James Day, on of the children and heirs of the said deceased, executor named in the last will and testament of the said Pe###h Day, deceased, has applied to the surrogate of the said county of Genesee, for the proof of the said will, in which he is appointed sole executor of all the real and personal estate of the said deceased; you are therefore hereby cited to appear before the said county, on the ### day of September next, and ten o'clock in the afternoon, to attend the probate of the said will."

1850 CENSUS Tyrone, Livingston, MI ... Dexter Farnham 42, b.NH,... Roxina 38, b.NY,.. Henry 17, b.NY,.. Hiram 15, b.NY,.. John 13, b.NY,.. Marcellus 11, b.MI,.. Roberson 9, b.MI,.. Chas 7, b.MI. from the birth locations it appears that Dexter moved his family to Michigan from New York between 1838 and 1839.

1860 CENSUS Houghton Twp. Houghton, MI ... Dexter Farnham 60 b.NY --- ..this may be the wrong Dexter Farnham, data does not quite match up, can't find him anywhere else in 1860...

1870 CENSUS Livingston Co. MI,... Henry Farnham 39, b.NY,... Laura Farnham 32, b.NY,... Sarah Farnham 9, b.MI,... Henry Farnham 1, b.MI,... Dexter Farnham 63, b.NH.

1876 Ingham County MI Death Record (Film#2363664, image #422) Dexter Farnham, age 69y, 3m, born in NY, died 14 July 1876 Ingham County, MI, widowed, farmer.

1880 History of Livingston County, Michigan 1880,... "(Page 398) Dexter Farnham was a native of New Hampshire and with his wife and three children came to Tyrone from Grand Blanc, Genesee Co. in the fall of 1842 locating on section 17. He came to Grand Blanc from Pembroke, Genesee Co. NY in 1836. He died in this town in July, 1876 at the age of sixty-nine years, having survived his wife by about one year. One of his sons, Marcellus, lives in Ingham County, and four - Henry, Hiram, John and Robertson - are ranked among the most thriving farmers and respected citizens of this town. -- (Page 399)The tax roll of 1844 lists in Section 17, Tyrone Township, Dexter Farnham, 50 acres, valuation 118. --- (Page 409) The Wolverton Class/Church night services at the Schoolhouse - This was the second class in the town, organized 1839. Among the earliest members were Jonathan and Hannah Wolverton, Robert McGarry and Dexter Farnham."

Dexter's children's death records found:
1909 Livingston Co. Death Record (Vol 2, pg.158) .. Robert Farnham 66, born in NY, occ: farmer, married, son of; Dexter Farnham & Roxie Day... died 13 July 1909 at Tyrone, Livingston, MI.
1909 Livingston Co. Death Record (Vol 2, pg.158) .. Hiram Farnham 74, born in NY, occ: farmer, married, son of Dexter Farnham & Roxie Day... died 9 Sept. 1909 at Tyrone, Livingston, MI.
1911 Livingston Co. Death Record (Vol 2, pg.179) .. John Farnham 73, born in NY, occ: farmer, married, son of Dexter Farnham & Roxie Day... died 21 February 1911 at Tyrone, Livingston, MI.

Clough Hill Cemetery, Tyrone Township, Livingston County, MI ... "Hiram Farnham (1835-1909),.. Susan Farnham (1831-1926),.. Clara B. Farnham (1868-1869),.. Angeline Farnham, wife of John (7 Oct 1862, aged 28y, 3m, 28d)... Dexter Farnham (1876),.. Roxcina Farnham, wife of Dexter, (d.7 Feb 1875, age 63),.. Henry Farnham (d.1893),.. Charles Farnham, son of D&R, (d.1857)."

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