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Elisabeth FILES
AKA Sarah Elizabeth
b.abt 1858
m.23 July 1874 Hardin, OH
David RIPLEY (m.7 Aug 1880)
James Robert SMITH (b.1865-d.1924)
(m.28 Apr 1887) s/o Thomas Smith & Rebecca Gilpin
Brother of Mary who married Elisabeth's son.
Jacob FILES (b.~1828)
Susan HORNER (b.~1836)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. William M. (b.~1875)
  2. Nancy M. (b.1 Jan 1878)
siblings: FILES
  1. Phepe (b.~1855)
  2. Samantha J. (b.~1856)
  3. Robert (b.~1862)
  4. Eliga (b.~1863)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research timeline of Kevin Everingham of MI, August, 2012;

1850 CENSUS Silver Creek, Greene County, OH ... Elizabeth Files 58, b.KY,.. Mary Kenedy 17, b.OH,.. John C. Kenedy 13, b.OH,.. James Files 16, b.OH,.. Jacob Files 22, b.OH,.. John Files 18, b.KY,.. Rebecca Files 15 b.KY.

1860 CENSUS Cedarville twp. Greene County, OH... Jacob Files 30, b.OH,.. Susan Files 24, b.OH,.. Phepe Files 5, b.OH,.. Samantha J. Files 4, b.OH,.. Sarah Elizabeth Files 1, b.OH,..

1874 Pg. 134 Marriage Register, Hardin County, Ohio ... Jacob Everingham & Miss Elisabeth Files, marriage license July 21, 1874,.. Married July 23, 1874 by Justice of the Peace.

1878 Birth Record, Pg. 291 1877-78, Hardin County, Ohio ... Nancy Everingham, born 1 January 1878 at McDonald, Hardin, OH, father: Jacob Everingham, mother: Elizabeth Liles (Elizabeth's name is clearly recorded "Liles" in the County birth register.)

1880 CENSUS Roundhead, Hardin, OH (film T9-1031).... Jacob Files 52, b.OH... Susan Files, 41, b.OH, wife,... Robert Files 18, son, b.OH.... Elisabeth Files 22, daughter, b.OH... Eliga Files 17, son, b.OH,... William Everingham 5, grandson, b.OH,... Nancy M. Everingham 2, granddaughter, b.OH. (father possibly deceased by 1880?... living with grandparents, why was Elisabeth's last name back to FILES?)

1880 Marriage Record, Hardin County, Ohio,... August 7, 1880,... John H. Horner applied for License for David Ripley to be married to Elisabeth Everingham..... signed; John H. Horner.... August 7th, 1880 David Ripley married Elizabeth Everingham by Justice of the Peace, Frank Given.

(Marriage record found by Jenna Mills, Aug 2012.)
1887 Marriage Record (pg #326), Buffalo County, Nebraska.... James R. Smith 21 b.IL & Mrs. Elizabeth Ripley 26 b.OH, son of Thomas N. Smith & Rebecca Gilpin... daughter of Jacob Files & Susan Horner.... married April 28, 1887.

1895 Marriage Record, #150, Dawson Co, Nebraska ... William M. Evenigham age 20, b.Ohio, s/o Jacob Evenigham & Elisabeth Files, married... Mary Robertson age 29, b.Illinois, d/o T.N. Smith & Rebecca Gilpins... Married at Lexington, Dawson, Nebraska, on 12 August, 1895.

(Kevin Everingham, research 2012;)
The only FILES & HORNER marriage that I can find in Ohio is,... Isaac FILES married Susan HORNER March 6, 1852 in Greene County, Ohio. This is a hand written marriage note and Susan may have been young since it notes that "father's consent per paper was on file." However, if this was the same couple as the 1860 & 1880 census above, then Susan was about 16 years old... Greene County is 3 counties directly south of Hardin County, OH. Isaac could be another person, or is this a real name or middle name of Jacob?

When James Robert Smith "3rd Husband of Elizabeth" died, in 1924, he was married to "Sadie Davis".... (Death Record) James Robert Smith, son of Thomas N. Smith, b.OH & Rebecca A. Gilpin, b.OH, farmer, died July 2, 1924 at Owego, Livingston, Illinois, age 58. He was born 15 November 1865 at Avoca, Livingston, IL.

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