Gustavus Adolphus PIERCE b.31 May 1847 at Tom's River,
Monmouth [Ocean] Co., NJ1
d.20 Dec 1924 @ Iowa Falls, Hardin County, IA
Lydia Jane PROUTY
Dec 26, 1869 Stepherson Co. Ill2
(b.Feb 1853 Burlington Twp, Bradford, PA)
died about 1928
Benjamin PIERCE (b.1810)
Lydia Ann EVERINGHAM (b.1817)
children: "PIERCE"
  1. Eugene (b. 1871)
  2. William W. (b. 1874)
  3. Arthur E. (b. 1876)
  4. Ida E. (b. 1878)
  5. Alfred (b. 1880)
  6. Bessie I. (b. 1883)
  7. Rosella M. (b. 1888)
  1. Emaline (b.Nov 1836)
  2. Alfred (b.Oct 1837)
  3. Jessie (b.1841)
  4. William Boswell (b.1842)
  5. David Jackson (b.1845)
  6. Reuben G. (b.1849)
  7. Benjamin Franklin (b.1852)
  8. Frank (b.1854)
  9. Laura A (b.~1858)
  10. Lydia Jane (b.1859)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Info from Tom Weir

2Information updated, 2003 from Cheryl Hanson ihansonb@fmtc.com

31880 Census - Hardin Twp,Hardin Co, Iowa - Agustus 30y, Lydia 27y, William W. 6y, Arthur E. 3y, Ida 3y
41885 Iowa Census - Hardin Twp, Hardin Co, Iowa - Gustavus 38y, Lydia 34y, William W. 8y, Arthur 6y, Ida 4y, Alfred 2y, Bessie 0y
51895 Iowa Census - Iowa Falls, Hardin Co, Iowa - Gustavus 47y, Lydia 41y, Arthur E 18y, Ida E. 16y, Alfred 14y, Bessie I. 11y, Rosella 6y
6Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763-1900
7Death Certificate
8Buried - Union Cemetery - Iowa Falls, Hardin Co, Iowa
9Son - Eugene died 1875 and is buried in Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls
10Son - William W. died in 1885 and is also buried in Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls

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