George NEGUS b.6 Dec 1851 NY
d.28 Oct 1930 Nodaway, MO
Elizabeth Rosette GARDNER
d/o Hiram Gardner & Elizabeth Tanner
children: NEGUS

siblings: NEGUS
  1. Elisa A. (b.~1847 NY)
  2. Edwin
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2014

1860 CENSUS Northville, LaSalle, IL (Page 78, house #567)... "Hard Potter 59, b.NY,.. Polly Potter 58, b.NY,.. John Potter 18, b.NY,.. George Potter 13, b.NY,.. John Lamahr 19, b.Prussia,.. Hannah Negus 49, b.NY,.. John Negus 17, b.NY,.. George Negus 8, b.NY."

1870 CENSUS Northville, LaSalle, IL (Page 9, family #64)... "Hannah Negus 59, b.NY,.. George Negus 18, b.NY, farmer,.. Eliza 22, b.NY, weaver."

1880 CENSUS Union, Nodaway, Missouri ... "George Negus 28, b.NY, parents b.NY, farmer,.. Rosette Negus 29, b.IL, wife. "

1910 CENSUS Union, Nodaway, Missouri (Page 13B, house #258)... "George Negus 58, b.NY,.. Elizabeth R. Negus 59, b.IL, wife."

cemetery Hopkins Cemetery, Nodaway, Missouri... "George Negus b.6 Dec 1851 NY, d.28 Oct 1930, Nodaway, MO.... Elizabeth Rosette Gardner Negus b.4 Oct 1850, d.23 Feb 1923...... Hannah Negus, b.1811, d.20 Dec 1891, wife of Edwin."

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