George Robertson EVERINGHIM
b.2 May 1884, Peekskill, NY
Mary "May" ____
James EVERINGHIM (b.~1847 NY)
children: EVERINGHIM
  1. George P. (b.~1909 NY)
  2. James P. (b.~1914 NY)
siblings: EVERINGHIM
  1. Mary Evangeline (b.Aug 1877 NY)
  2. James Percy (b.Dec 1880 NY)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013:

1900 Bronx, New York, NY (page 19A, family #438)... Jessie D. Horton 38, b.NY,.. Mary A. Horton 44, b.NY, married 6 yrs, mother of 3, 3 living,.. Mary Everinghim 23, b.NY,.. James P. Everinghim 20, b.Dec 1880 NY,.. George R. Everinghim 15, b.NY. (Everinghim's listed as step children)

1910 CENSUS Bronx, New York, NY (Sheet 8B, house #195)... Geo R. Everingham 25, b.NY,.. Mary D. Everingham 20, b.NY, wife,.. Geo P. Everigham 1, son, b.NY.

1918 WWI Selective Service Draft Registration.... George Robertson Everinghim of 2025 Webster Ave, Bronx, NY,.. age 34, born 2nd May 1884...occ: Wood Pattern maker, New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, Kings, NY. nearest relative; May Everinghim (wife),... med height, med build, gray eyes, gray hair... signed Sept 12, 1918.

1920 CENSUS Bronx, New York, NY (Sheet 4A, home #102)... George Everinghim 35, b.NY,.. May Everinghim 30, b.NY,.. George Everinghim 11, b.NY,.. James Everinghim 5, b.NY.

1930 CENSUS Bronx, New York, NY (Sheet 5B, house #96)... George Everingham 46, b.NY,.. Mae Everingham 41, b.NY, wife,.. James P. Everingham 16, b.NY, son.

1942 Selective Service Registration Card, WWII, "4th registration -old man's draft- men age 45 - 64... George R. Everinghim, b.2 May 1884, white, born in Peekskill, NY, address; Bronx, NY."

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