AKA Henry of Birkin & Wadsley Hall
b.abt 1482... or
b.abt 1515
Laxton, Yorkshire England1
d.17 March 1546
Elizabeth LINDLEY
dau of Thomas LINDLEY of Lindley.
/ Divorced 1537.
"Anne" Anna FAIRFAX
(b.~1519 Steeton, Yorkshire, Eng.)
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Thomas (b.Dec 1541)
  2. Eleanor (b.~1542)
  3. Jane (b.~1543)
  4. Mary (b.~1544)
children born in Laxton, Yorkshire



research of Kevin Everingham, 2001-2007
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Information from:
Medieval Families
Genealogical Department
50 E. North Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT

matching data from:
LDS Pedigree Resource File,
Compact Disk #7

2Research from the Everingham estates, York from David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson. Everingham Barony and ancestor charts.

3Plantagenet Ancestry, Douglas Richardson, 2004, page 111, Anne Fairfax is the daughter of Sir William Fairfax & Isabel Thwaites who married in 1518, Grand daughter of Sir William Fairfax & Elizabeth Manners. That William Fairfax was Sheriff of Yorkshire.
4The Royal descents of 600 Immigrants by Gary Boyd Roberts, 2004.
Eleanor (b.abt 1542) married Gervase CRESSY, their child was Anne CRESSY.

The Visitation of Yorkshire in 1584/5 and 1612 (London: 1875) p 38
He was divorced from Elizabeth Lyndley in October 1537 on the grounds of consanguinity, although it was later claimed that he had produced a false pedigree.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII: August-December 1538, Volume 13 Part 2 (1893), pp. 438-455 Henry married secondly Anne, daughter of Sir William Fairfax of Steeton, the mother of his surviving children. After Henry's death she married Edmond Eltofte and was living in 1557.

Thoresby Society, Vol IX, Miscellanea (Leeds: 1899) p 52
Sir Henry died on 17 March 1546, and by the inquisition taken after his death, it appears that he left two daughters (Eleanor and Jane) and two sons; Thomas, a legitimate son, aged three years at the death of his father, who inherited the manor of Birkin, and Henry, his bastard son, to whom he gave the manor of Knottingley, in general tail

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