Ida E. EVERINGHAM b.November 1870
Mina SHERWOOD (b.Mar 1875 MN)
married abt 1897 MN
Barsnett Dell EVERINGHAM b.1832
Elizabeth B. MOON
children: SHERWOOD
    one child deceased by 1900.
    no children in 1910.
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Francis Dell (b.1859)
  2. Helen M. (b.1862)
  3. Mary J. (b.1866 or 67)
  4. Emma R. (b.1868)
  5. Effie F. (b.1874)
  6. Edith L. (b.1876)
  7. Mabel D. (b.1879)
  8. Alice E. (b.1880)
  9. William W. (b.1882)
  10. Charles L. (b.1884)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
(research of Kevin Everingham)

1880 CENSUS Vernon Springs, Howard IA.... B.D. Everingham 48, Helen D. 33,.. Frank D. so,.. Helen M. 18,.. Mary J 13,.. Emma R. 12,.. Ida E. 9,.. Effie F. 6,.. Edith 4,.. mabel 2.

1895 State CENSUS, Minneapolis City, ward 10, Hennepin, Minnesota,... Mina Sherwood was 19 years old.

1900 CENSUS Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota,... Mina Sherwood b.Mar 1875 MN, married, parents b.Germany.... Ida E. b.Nov 1870 IA,... father b.CAN, mother b.NY, wife, married 3 years, mother of 1 child, none living.

1910 CENSUS Minneapolis, Ward 9, Hennepin, Minnesota,... Mina Sherwood 35, b.OH, parents b.OH... Ida Sherwood 39, wife,... William Everingham 26, brother-in-law, b.IA, single, father b.CAN, mother b.NY

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