Jane EVERINGHAM b.24 Nov 1809
d.30 Nov 1836
William EVERINGHAM b.1781
Elizabeth Ostrander b.1787
children: currently unknown siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. James (b.9 Apr 1804)
  2. Chloe (b.21 Feb 1806)
  3. Andrew E. (b.1808)
  4. Anna (b.1812)
  5. William (b.1814)
  6. Mary (b.1816)
  7. Martha Burch (b.1818)
  8. Martha L. (b.1819)
  9. Elizabeth (b.1821)
  10. Jacob (b.1823)
  11. Maria Louisa (b.1826)
  12. Sarah B. (b.1828)
  13. John B. (b.1828)
  14. Henry H. (b.1833)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
1Much of the Information on this page from Barbara A. Curtindale

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