John Edwin NEGUS b.2 Feb ~1843 or 1844 Syracuse, NY
d.2 June 1917 O'Brien, Iowa
m.3 Jan 1867 La Salle, IL
children: NEGUS

  1. William J. (b.~1868 IL)
  2. Hattie May (b.~1873 IL)
  3. Ruth (b.~1876 IL)
  4. Scott H. (b.~1878 IL)
  5. Walden O. (b.1884 IA)
siblings: NEGUS
  1. Elisa A. (b.~1847 NY)
  2. George (b.~1852 NY)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2014

1850 CENSUS Fabius, Onondaga, NY (house #371)... "Edwin Negus 42, b.NY,.. Hannah Negus 39, b.NY,.. John Negus 7, b.NY,.. Elisa A. Negus 3, b.NY."

1860 CENSUS Northville, LaSalle, IL (Page 78, house #567)... "Hard Potter 59, b.NY,.. Polly Potter 58, b.NY,.. John Potter 18, b.NY,.. George Potter 13, b.NY,.. John Lamahr 19, b.Prussia,.. Hannah Negus 49, b.NY,.. John Negus 17, b.NY,.. George Negus 8, b.NY."

1867 Illinois Marriage Index... "John E. Negus & Eliza E. Sherman were married 3 January 1867 at LaSalle County, Illinois."

1870 CENSUS Northville, LaSalle, Illinois (Page 17 family #116)... "John Negus 26, b.NY, farm laborer,.. Eliza Negus 23, b.IL,.. William Negus 2, b.IL"

1880 CENSUS Buckingham, Kankakee, Illinois (Sheet 215C) ... "John Negus 36, b.NY,.. Eliza Negus 33, b.IL,.. Willie Negus 12, b.IL,.. Hattie Negus 7, b.IL,.. Ruth Negus 4, b.IL,.. Scott Negus 2, b.IL,.. Hannah Negus 69, b.NY, widowed, mother."

1884 Buena Vista Iowa Birth Record.. "Walden O. Negus, male, b.14 April 1884 at Nokomis Twp. Buena Vista, Iowa,. s/o John E. Negus & Eliza E. Sherman."

1885 STATE CENSUS Nokomis, Buena Vista, IA (family #26)... "John E. Negus 41,.. Eliza Negus 38,.. Willie 16,.. Hattie 11,.. Ruth 8,.. Scott 6,.. Waldon 0."

1890 Buena Vista, IA Marriage Record ... "Charles E. Warren b.Larrabee, IA, s/o Noah T. Warren & Jennie Morrison,.. & Hattie May Negus 17, b.IL, d/o John E. Negus & Eliza Sherman, married 4 Nov 1890 at Buena Vista, Iowa." NOTE: there is also a 1918 marriage record of this same couple. (re-new vows or remarried)

1894 Cherokee, Iowa Marriage Record.. "Geo. A. Lockwood 20, s/o Norman Lockwood... bride; Ruth Negus, d/o Nohn Negus & __ Sherman.... married 7 Feb 1894 at Spring twp., Cherokee County, Iowa. "
1894 O'Brien, Iowa Marriage Record.. "W.J. Negus, b.IL s/o J. Negus & Eliza Sherman, ... and .. Grace E. Broadstreet 20, b.IL d/o A. Broadstreet & Azara Arsimandy,... married 22 Aug 1894 at Highland twp., O'Brien, Iowa."

1900 CENSUS Alta, Nokomis twp., Buena Vista, Iowa (sheet 1A, house #8)... "John E. Negus 57, b.Feb 1843 NY, married 33 yrs, farmer,.. Eliza S. Negus, 54, b.Oct 1846 IL, married 33 yrs, mother of 6 children, 5 living,.. Waldon O. Negus 15, b.April 1884 IA"

1902 Cherokee County, Iowa Marriage Record (Pg.144).. "Scott H. Negus 25, s/o John Negus & Eliza Sherman... & Lulu L. Bruner, d/o John Bruner & Annetta Sement... married 11 June 1902 at Cherokee County, IA."

1910 Nokomis, Buena Vista, Iowa (Sheet 4A, house #73)... "John E. Negus 66, b.NY,.. Eliza Negus 62, b.IL,.. Irene Mcrunnells 20, b.IA, servant,.. Carl Larsen 23, b.Denmark, hired man."

1917 O'Brien, Iowa Death Record (Pg.13, #145)... John Negus, born 2 Feb 1844 NY, retired farmer, married (Eliza), son of; Edwin Negus & Hannah Elvingham, died 2 June 1917 at Sheldon, O'Brien County, Iowa, age 73.
1917 Waterman cemetery, Sutherland, O'Brien, Iowa... "John Edwin Negus, b.2 Feb 1843 Syracuse, NY.. d.2 Juen 1917, O'Brien, Iowa (on same stone) Eliza S. Negus, b.27 Oct 1848, d.4 June 1942."
obituary John E. Negus was born February 2, 1843 near Syracuse, New York, and died June 2, 1917, being at the time of his death 74 years and 4 months. When he was a young man he came to Sandwich, Ill. He was engaged in farming there and in 1867 he was united in marriage to Eliza Sherman. To this union were born six children, five of whom are living, Will and Walden, near Peterson, Scott, of Iona, Minn., Mrs. Hattie Warren, of Sutherland, and Mrs. G. A. Lockwood, of Larrabee. Mr. and Mrs. Negus moved from Sandwich, Ill., to a farm near Alta, Ia., in the year of 1883, where they have since resided until five years ago when they moved into the town of Alta. The deceased is survived by his wife and five children, also one brother, of Hopkins, Mo., twenty-four grandchildren and one great-grandchild to mourn his death. The funeral services were held at the home of his daughter, Mrs. G. A. Lockwood, in Larrabee, conducted by Rev. R. E. Willis.

1930 CENSUS Cedar, Cherokee, Iowa (sheet 1A, house #9).. Elisa S. Negus 83, widowed, born abt 1847, IL,.. father b.Ger., mother b.CAN.

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