unknown line
probable soldier, War of 1812
b.abt 1783 New Jersey
Hannah _______? (b.~1787 VA)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Elizabeth (b.1829-1830 OH)
siblings: EVERHAM
of possible interest:
Ed Hartson Everingham b.1888 NJ, was living in Muskingum OH by 1900.
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham, 2004;

1850 CENSUS Hopewell, Muskingum, OHIO (family #242) ... Jedidiah Evensizer 68, male, b.NJ,... Hannah Evensizer 63, female, b.Virginia.

1860 CENSUS Hopewell Township, Muskingum, Ohio --- Jeddediah Everingham 77, b.NJ,.. Hannah Everingham 73, b.VA,.. Elizabeth Everingham 30, b.OH.
NOTE: this is a previously transcribed record (I have not actually seen this Census)

1869 Monday, April 19, Zanesville Daily Signal ... The inmates of the County Infirmary signed a petition to say that Mr. Bolin, the superintendent, has treated them well there. Among the signatures was: Jedediah Evergreen.

1870 CENSUS Falls township, Muskingum, Ohio --- (inmates of the Muskingum County Infirmary), June 29, 1870 Military or mental health enrollee? (it's very possible that he was a disabled veteran of the war of 1812. ... Jedediah Evergram, born in New Jersey.
In 1850, the legislature changed the name from County Poor House, to Infirmary because it was less offensive to those obligated to accept shelter. The Muskingum County Infirmary was partly destroyed by fire in 1859. It was rebuilt and enlarged in 1860. After the Civil War, disabled veteran enrollment helped to increase enrollemnt to 140. The County Infirmary also served as a place for the confinement of children, the mentally ill, and persons with epilepsy. Although the state assumed responsibility for the mentally ill in the early 19th century, many were sent to the infirmary until it was made unlawful in 1898.

1880 CENSUS Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio ... (listed among several others - likely at the County Infirmary) .. Elizabeth Evergreen, age; 50, b.OH, white, female, single. is this the same Elizabeth Everingham b.1830 OH?

I can't find any of these individuals in any records before or after 1850-1870 CENSUS.
There is also no record of any Everinghams at the Muskingum Ohio GenWEB website.
No New Jersey Marriage records found for this couple, no other children found.
This makes me think that it's possible Jeddediah was a middle name,
or he went by another name when younger.

it is possible that Jeddediah (b.1783 NJ) was an older brother or relative of Ezekiel Everingham (b.1797 NJ) who migrated to Champaign County Ohio which is 4 counties straight west of Muskingum County, Ohio.

Military, War of 1812? -- "Jedediah Evinham" is listed in the book; "Records of Officers and men of New Jersey in Wars 1791-1815" (ISBN: 9780806304175), page 136. Published 1909, 410pgs. ... this book likely lists this Jedediah's participation in the War of 1812.
Info from Tom Phillips, 2018 same person? -- (military index) "Judiah Evingham, U.S. Army, War of 1812, Rank; Pvt., Rank at discharge; Pvt., Regiment; Read's Battalion, New Jersey Militia." Tom believes that Read's Battalion was formed from present day Mercer County, New Jersey.

After searching for this Battalion, I found a listing for "Jedediah Evinham, private, listed in Captain Joseph Townsend's company of Infantry, Major Samuel J. Read's Battalion of New Jersey Detailed Militia stationed at Billingsport, Burlington, N.J." listed in ~ (Records of officers and men of New Jersey in wars 1791-1815, page 136.) so Tom's info above is likely for this same man.

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