Joseph H. EVERNGAM b.1832
Martha HORSEY 24 Apr 1855
married in Denton, Maryland
(b.1835 d.1923)
Thomas Jefferson EVERNGAM (b.1801)
Louisa HITCH
children: EVERNGAM
  1. Ida (b.1857 d.1940)
  2. Thomas Horsey (b.1859 d.1946)
  3. Charles (b.1862 d.1936)
  4. Minnie L. (b.1869)
  5. M. Emily (b.1874)
  6. Martha May (b.1875)
  7. John Lee (b.22 Sep 1866)
siblings: EVERNGAM
  1. Peter (b.?) never married

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Info from Renee Marr sent in 2000.

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