Kay EVERINGHAM b.13 Oct 1940, Bunbury West AUS
Max BOUSFIELD (b.1935)
m.26 May 1962 Methodist Church, Bassendean West AUS
Roland John EVERINGHAM (b.1913)
Dorothy Evelyn COLLINS (b.1913)
children: BOUSFIELD

born in Perth AUS

  1. Russell Andrew (b.1964)
  2. Kerry Ann (b.1965)
  3. Glen Robert (b.1968)
  4. Peter Damon (b.1971)
  1. Edward Robert (b.1942)
  2. Norma (b.1946)
  3. Desmond Alan (b.1948)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Info from "Cornstalks" book by Valerie Ross.

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