Leroy George EVERINGHAM b.1887 d.19732 (Bayville Cemetery, NJ)
Lydia A. PLATT (1887-1970)2
(Bayville Cemetery, NJ) "under EVERNHAM"
George H. EVERINGHAM Jr. (b.1853)
Hannah (Anna) HILLIARD (d.1923)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. George LeRoy (b.1913)
  2. Ladonna "Donna"
  3. Earl
  4. Margaret
  5. (died at birth)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Harold (b.?)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Information from Stacey Everingham (aeveringham @ msn.com)
2Stacey writes (Feb 3, 2002); "I spoke to George last evening and he confirmed yes in fact Leroy G. Everingham and Lydia A. Everingham were his grandfather and grandmother. He knew Platt was Lydia's maiden name. So this was the information I was given:
Leroy George Everingham, the name had been misspelled on the records according to George he confirmed the correct spelling of the last name to be Everingham he was Born 1887 and Died 1973 he Married Lydia A. Platt she was born- 1887 and died 1970 both in NJ."

3Biographical information from George LeRoy Jr., sent 2005.

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