Jennie Ladorna EVERINGHAM
or "Ladorna Jennie"
b.abt 1828 Dansville, New York
Major Sheppard JONES
married abt 1854
Catherine SHAW
children: JONES
  1. Jessie R. (b.~1857)
  2. Claud M. (b.~1862)
  3. Harold V. (b.~1875)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Emeline
  2. Eliza
  3. Rowena
  4. Maria T.
  5. Martha H.F.
  6. Charles W. (b.~1825-30)
  7. Warren (b.~1830)
  8. Frances (b.~1833)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013

previously identifed as Sadorna J. by other researchers, I believe that this was likely from a census reading where the "L" looked like the scroll of an "S"... I believe her birth name was Ladorna Jennie Everingham.

Marriage Notes... National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol.27, 1898, by Historian Elizabeth Gadsby, 2nd printing 1909, Harrisburg, PA.... (Pages 358,359)... "Mrs. Jennie Ladorna Everingham Jones (#26995), born in Dansville, New York, wife of Major Sheppard Jones, descendant of Lieut. Bethuel Farrand, of New Jersey. Daughter of Ezekiel Everingham and Katherine Shaw, his wife. Granddaughter of Jacob Shaw and Anna Farrand, his wife. Gr-granddaughter of Bethuel Farrand (1741-94) and Rhoda Smith his wife. (See No.26880).

1860 CENSUS Dansville, Steuben, NY (Page 31, house #240)... Major S. Jones 28, b.NY,.. Jenie Jones 26, b.NY,.. Jessee R. Jones 3, b.NY,.. Catharine Evingham 60, b.NY. Catherine must have lived between daughters, she also shows up living with daughter Rowena Jones in 1860.

1870 CENSUS Dansville, Steuben, NY, June 1870 ... (Page 21 family #170) ... Catherine Evingham 77,... (Page 21 family #174, 4 homes away from her mother; widow Catherine)... Major S. Jones 36, occ: General Equipment, value of realestate 1000, value of persnal 500,... Jennie E? 32,.. Jessie R. 13, female,.. Claud M. 8, male.

1880 CENSUS Dansville, Steuben, NY (Page 199B, #752).. Major S. Jones 47,.. Jennie E. Jones 46, father b.NY, mother b.MASS,... Claude M. Jones 18, son,.. Harold V. Jones 5, son.

1892 STATE CENSUS Hornellville, Steuben, New York, Feb 16, 1892... (Page 24).. Major S. Jones 61, salesman,.. Jennie E. Jones 58,.. Harold Jones 17, bookkeeper,.. Claude M. Jones 31, bookkeeper,.. Ida R. Jones 25,.. Ruby L. Jones 2.

1900 CENSUS Hornellville, Steuben, NY (Sheet 8A house #190)... Major S. Jonse 69, b.NY,.. Jennie E. Jones 67, b.NY, married 46 yrs, mother of 4, 3 living, fa b.Eng, mo. b.MASS,.. Harold Jones 25, b.NY.

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