occ: machinist, Rail Road
Union Soldier, Co.I, 14th NJV
b.20 March 1845 NJ
d.15 May 1890 Trenton, Mercer, NJ
Abbie W. BURROUGHS (b.1845 d.1925)
m.2 Dec 1865 Trenton, NJ
David Everingham
Elizabeth Matthews
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Charles (b.~1866)
  2. Carrie E. (b.30 Nov 1870 NJ)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Sarah Jane (b.22 Dec 1828)
  2. Hannah Ann (b.16 January 1831)
  3. Phobe (b.16 June 1832)
  4. Joseph M. (b.12 September 1835)
  5. Charles McC. (b.14 May 1838)
  6. Wm. Henry H. (b.31 August 1840)
  7. Mary Elizabeth (b.11 January 1842)
  8. George E. (b.4 April 1848)
fact sources and writings about this individual: Research of Kevin Everingham, 2009;

1865 Marriage Record ... Lewis J. Everingham, Abbey W. Burroughs, married 2 December, 1865 at Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey.

1870 CENSUS Lambertville, Hunterdon, NJ ... Lewis Everingham 25, b.NJ, occ: machinist,... Abbey 25, keep home,... Charles 11,... Carrie 8. (months?) children's ages are way off.

1870 Birth Registration ... Carrie E. Everingham, b.30 November 1870 at Lambertville, Hunterdon, NJ, parents: Lewis & Abbie Everingham.

1880 CENSUS Lambertville, Hunterdon, NJ ... Lewis J. Everingham 35, b.NJ, occ: machinist.. Abbey W. 35, b.NJ, wife,... Charles W. 14,... Carrie E. 10.

1890 Death Registration ... Lewis J. Everingham 45, married, occ: Rail Road,... d.15 May 1890 at Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey.
1890 Holcombe Riverview Cemetery, Lambertville, Hunterdon, NJ... Lewis J. Everingham b.20 Mar 1845, d.15 May 1890, Union Civil War Soldier, Co.I, 14th Reg. NJV... spouse; Abbie W. (1845-1925)

1900 CENSUS Lambertville City, Hunterdon, NJ... Jacob B. Kline, b.July 1859 PA,... George R, son, b.Oct 1881 NJ,... Abbie W. Everingham, housekeeper, b.Mar 1845, age 55, b.NJ

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