John Jay LYMBURNER b. Sept 1802 Ontario
d.24 Jan 1873
Sarah MELICK (b.abt 1808)
d.23 Jun 1871 dau of Peter & Elizabeth (ROSS) MELICK
Catherine SECORD
children: LYMBURNER

  1. Alexander (b.1824)
  2. Peter (b.1828)
  3. Elizabeth (b.~1832)
  4. Annie (b.1832)
  5. John R. (b.~1838)
  6. Mahlon (b.1842)
  7. Margaret (b.1846)
  8. Rheubin (b.~1847)
  9. Harley (b.~1850)
  10. Jay (b.~1854)
siblings: LYMBURNER
  1. Eliza
  2. Harriet (b.1801)
  3. Cyrenes (b.1811)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Lymburner information from the files of Arnold E. Krause, 2005.
Mellick information from Debbie St. Louis, 2003.
32004 Files of Scott Swan: Peter Melick (b.21 Dec 1762) Elizabeth Ross (b.29 Feb 1768). Peter was the son of Andreas MOELICH, born 17 Dec 1729 in Bendorf, Germany.

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