Horace LYMBURNER b.1836 Caster Twp., Lincoln, Ontario
d.26 Nov 1916 Owen Sound, Derby, Grey, Ontario
Mary Electra MERRITT
m.20 Oct. 1860
Sarah Caroline LOUNSBURY
children: LYMBURNER

  1. Hiram (b.~1861 shot 1889)
  2. Robert (b.~1863)
  3. Rachel (b.~1864)
  4. Horace
  5. Arza (b.~1867)
  6. Fralick
  7. Maretta (b.~1869 or 1871)
  8. Milton
  9. Sarah Carrie (b.1876)
  10. Willie
  11. Emma (b.1881)
siblings: LYMBURNER
  1. Mariatta (b.1831)
  2. Townsend (b.~1833)
  3. Elizabeth (b.4 May 1834)
  4. Robert (b.~1838)
  5. Rachel (b.~1840)
  6. Marilda (b.~1842)
  7. Arza (b.~1844)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013;

1861 CENSUS Caistor, Lincoln, Ontario (sheet 4)... lists Horace Lymburner, age 25, married, born in Canada.

1871 CENSUS Keppel, North Grey Co., Ontario (Page 13, family #42)... Horace Limburner 35, married, born in Ontario, nationality; Scotch,.. Robert Limburner 8,.. Fralick Limburner 2,.. Richard Townsend 23.

1876 Grey Ontario Birth Registration #6937.. Sarah C. Lymburner, female, b.11 April 1876 at Keppel twp., Grey County, Ontario, d/o Horace Lymburner & Mary Electa Merritt.

1881 Ontario Birth Registration... Emma Lymburner, female, b.14 August 1881 at Keppel township, Grey County, Ontario. d/o Horace Lymburner & Mary Electa Merritt.

1887 Ontario Marriage #004198 ... William Mathieson 26 s/o Wm Mathieson & Jane Stephen.. married 3 Oct 1887 at Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, to.. Rachel Lymburner 23, d/o Horace Lymburner & Mary Electa Merritt.

death of son; Hiram Lymburner
1889 Troy NY, Daily Times Newspaper (Thursday, December 5, 1889)... "While William Kennedy and Hiram Lymburner were hunting near Owen Sound, Ontario, Wednesday the former saw what he supposed to be a deer, and fired, shooting Lymburner and killing him."
New York Press, NY (Thursday, Dec 5, 1889 ... "Killed his friend for a deer. Owen Sound, Ont. Dec 4, While William Kennedy and Hiram Lymburner were hunting today, Kennedy fired at a supposed deer, shooting Lymburner, killing him instantly."

1891 CENSUS Owen Sound, west ward, Grey North, Ontario... Horace Lymburner was 55 years old, born in ONTARIO, married.

1901 CENSUS D. Grey, Ontario (Page 15, family #146).. Horace Lymburner 65, b.ONT,.. Mary E. Lymburner 61, b.ONT, wife,... Emma Lymburner 19, b.ONT, daughter.

1916 Ontario Vital Statistics (1916#15073).. Horace Lymburner, 80, born at Caster Twp. Ontario, Canada, s/o Hiram Lymburner & Sarah Lounsbury,.. died 26 Nov 1916 at Derby, Grey, Ontario,.. burial; North Keppel Co., Grey.

1917 Estate/WILL probate Record #57/1917 .. Horace Lymburner... (partial transcription) this is the last will and testament of I, Horace Lymburner of the town of Owen Sound, in the County of Grey, and Province of Ontario, Gentleman, made this ninth day of March, in the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and sixteen. .... I nominate and appoint my sons Robert Lymburner of Clouston P.O. Sask and Arza Lymburner of Port Elgin, in the County of Bruce, Ontario, Hotel-keeper, to be the executors of this my last will and testament..... My wife shall have the use of such porton of the said brick building so excepted to live in, or rent, whichever she desires, until her death and all my household good and furniture and from and after the death of my said wife, I devise the property so excepted to my said two sons, Robert Lymburner and Arza Lymburner share and share alike.
Schedule B lists the following relations; Electa Lymburner, widow,.. Robert Lymburner, son,.. Arza Lymburner son,.. Emma Moore, daughter,.. Marett Riley, daughter,.. Rachael Matheson, daughter.... widow receiving life estate, robert & Arza 1/2 residue, daughters $500 each.

1920 OVS 1920#4507... Maretta Riley 49, born Grey Co. Ontario,.. d/o Horace Lymburner & Mary Merritt, spouse; Edwin J. Riley,... died 3 May 1920 at Toronto, York, Ontario... burial; Owen Sd. Ont.

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