John George MECHLING
at some point, name became MACKLIN
b.30 May 1773 Springfield Township, Northampton Co. PA
d.8 Feb 1853 in Mahoning County, Ohio2
-buried in Columbiana Co, OH
Mary Magdalen THOMAS AKA "Polly"
(b.27 Mar 1774 d.22 Apr 1826)
dau of Garret Thomas & Mary Magdalena
John 'Jacob' MECHLING (b.1747)
Catharine (b.1748) married abt 1766
  1. Samuel MACKLIN (b.1798)
  2. Philip MECHLING (b.1800)
  3. John Jacob MACKLIN (b.1802)
  4. Susanna MACKLIN (b.abt 1802)
  5. George MACKLIN (b.1804)
  6. John MACKLIN (b.1805)
  7. Elizabeth MACKLIN (b.1807)
  8. Barbara MACKLIN (b.1810)
  9. William MACKLIN (b.1813)
  10. Magdelena MACKLIN (b.1817)
siblings: MECHLING2
  1. John (b.1768)
  2. Jacob (b.1770)
  3. Mary (b.abt 1773)
  4. John 'Philip' (b.1779)
  5. Catherine (b.1781)
  6. William (b.1784)
  7. Elizabeth (b.1786)
  8. Susanna (b.1791)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
2MECHLING HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION Web site "Mechling / Mechlin / Macklin" at;

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