Margery de EVERINGHAM b.about 1249 Bolton Percy, Yorkshire, England
Robert de PERCY (b.1245)
married about 1274 Bolton Percy, Yorkshire, England

This Adam's history is not currently known, but a relation to one of the Baron Adam Everinghams, is quite possible. The first Baron Lord Everingham was summoned to Parliament by the King in 1309.
children: PERCY

  1. Peter (b.abt 1275)
  2. Henry (b.abt 1277)
  3. Agnes (b.4 Sep 1279)
  4. Edmund (b.abt 1281)

children born in Bolton Percy, Yorkshire

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Margery and her father Adam de Everingham being linked to the Percy family is very significant. The Percy's were one of the most influential and powerful families in Norman era England. They were descended from one of the Viking Rollo's of Norway who were Noblemen of Normandy, France,.. after Viking "Thorfinn Rollo" seiged Paris, and was granted the North land in France, in an agreement in the early 10th century. This family connection proves nothing, but is consistent with the belief that the Everingham family are descended from "Norman's" who came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. One such family may have taken the last name "Everingham" from Everingham, Yorkshire, England, a place they controlled or lived.

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