Melissa Jane EVERINGHAM b.February 1881 Ontario, Canada
Joseph T. NIXON (b.1878 ENG)
m.6 June 1906 Toronto, York, Ontario
s/o James Nixon & Christina Johnston
Sarah Martha JARDEN
children: NIXON
  1. Hilton Edison (b.1908)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Celia Ann (b.1880)
  2. Robert (b.1883)
  3. Maude (b.1885)
  4. Mildred
  5. Pearl (b.1894)
  6. Lloyd Cecil (b.1897)
  7. Hiram Sinclair (b.1900)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
2further info from the Obituary of Celia 1954.

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2011
1900 CENSUS Niagra Falls city, Niagra, New York ... James Everingham, b.Oct 1854 CAN, father b.NY, mother b.CAN, married 23 years, immigrated to US in 1896,... Sarah, b.Nov 1857 CAN, wife, father b.CAN fr, mother b.ENG, married 23 yrs, mother of 7, 6 living,... Melissa b.Feb 1881 Canada, daughter, single,... Maude, b.Dec 1885 CAN, daughter, single,... Pearl, b.Nov 1894 CAN, daughter, single,... Lloyd, b.Dec 1897 NY, son,... Joseph Nixon, b.Jan 1878 ENG.

1906 Marriage certificate ...Ontario Canada Marriages, Joseph T. Nixon & Melissa Everingham, m.6 June 1906 in Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada.

1929 Death Certificate (#3514) ... Hilton Edison Nixon, d.4 April 1929 at York, Ontario, Canada, age 21, d/o Joseph T. Nixon & Melissa Everingham.

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