b.~1817 New York
d.January 1911
Stephen Peck LEEDS
married June 9, 1837 NY
unproven, probable parent:
James EVERINGHAM (b.abt 1792)
children: LEEDS
  1. Marie E. (b.~1838 NY)
siblings: EVERINGHIM
  1. Henry (b.abt 1820 NY)
  2. Elizabeth Matilda (b.~1823)
  3. William (b.~1823 d.1827)
  4. Samuel Mott (b.~1824)
  5. James (b.1831 d.1831)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2013:

1837 Index to Marriages and Deaths in the New York Herald 1835-1855... Pg.176, "Maria M. Everhim, bride,.. Stephen P. Leeds, groom, married 6-9-1837."

1847 Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, Wednesday, August 11, 1847
Arrived at the Port of Quebec, arrivals at the Albion Hotel; "Stephen P. Leeds and lady, Brooklyn, NY" Personal trip or business?

1848 This family is mentioned in this N.Y. Supreme Court document.

1850 CENSUS Brooklyn, Kings, New York (family #915)... Stephen P. Leeds 37, b.CON,.. Maria Leeds 33, b.NY,.. Maria Leeds 12, b.NY,.. Elizabeth Everingham 27, b.NY,.. Ann Dockerty 26, b.IRE,.. James Bush 19, b.NY,.. May Bush 12, b.NY.

1855 STATE CENSUS Brooklyn, Kings, New York (Family #300)... Stephen P. Leeds 40,.. Maria Leeds 37,.. Maria E. Leeds 17,.. Elizabeth Evringham 28, sister-in-law,.. Rebecca Murphy 26, servant,.. Charles J. Knight 23, boarder,.. Hana 7, niece.

1911 Obituary, San Francisco Call, Sunday, Jan 15, 1911 "AGED WOMAN'S WILL BROKEN BY DEATHS -- Brother and Sister named as Beneficiaries were survived by Testatrix -- The will of Elizabeth M. Everingham, aged 88, who died January 10, practically in onoperative because the two chief beneficiaries, her brother and sister, died shortly before the testatrix. Samuel M. Everinghim, the brother, who was 91 years of age, died January 1 and Mrs. Marie M. Leeds the sister aged 93, three days later. The will of Elizabeth Everinghim, filed yesterday with the county clerk, left all but $75 of her estate, said to be worth $9,000, to be divided equally between the brother and sister. The death of these beneficiaries makes Marie E. Leeds, daughter of Marie M. Leeds, sole heir at law, and although she was not mentioned in the will, she will inherit all but $75 bequeathed to Avis Barnard Mathews, a grandniece of the testatrix, living in Brooklyn, N.Y. The will was dated April 12, 1910. Marie E. Leeds, who is 65 years of age, has applied to be appointed administratrix of the estate."

1999 info reference, @ genealogy.com, January 9, 1999, a user of that site is searching for "descendants of Stephen Peck Leeds (b. 1814, d. 1898) who went to the San Francisco area around the mid 1800's. He married Maria Everinghim." May find this family in California, Samuel and Elizabeth also lived there.

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