Sarah NORRISb.July 1855 Ontario, Canada
Joseph CLUCKEY (b.March 1850)
children: CLUCKEY
  1. Otis (b.1878 MI)
siblings: NORRIS
  1. James (b.1848 ENG)
  2. Edward (b.~1851 ENG)
  3. Henry (b.~1853 CAN)
  4. Amy (b.~1853 CAN)
  5. Phillip (b.~1855 CAN)
  6. Sarah (b.~1856 CAN)
  7. Mary (b.~1858 CAN)
  8. Daniel (b.~1860 CAN)
  9. Eliza (b.~1864 CAN)
  10. Agness (b.~1866 CAN)
  11. John (b.~1869 CAN)
fact sources and writings about this individual: from the research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2005-2013

1871 CENSUS East Brantford, Brant, Ontario.. (Page 11 & 12, Family #44) .. Edward Norris 54, b.ENG,.. Mary Norris 49, b.ENG,.. James Norris 23, b.ENG.,.. Edward Norris 21, b.ENG,.. Henry Norris 18, b.ONT,.. Philip Norris 16, b.ONT,.. Sarah Norris 14, b.ONT,.. Mary Norris 13, b.ONT,.. Daniel Norris 11, b.ONT,.. Eliza Norris 7, b.ONT,.. Agness Norris 5, b.ONT,.. John Norris 2, b.ONT.

1878 Lapeer County Birth Record (Pg 47, #5546)... Otis Cluckey, male, b.15 Dec 1878 at Burnside, Lapeer, MI, s/o Joseph & Sarah Cluckey (both born in Canada).

1900 US CENSUS Turner, Arenac, MI (Sheet 2A, house #22).. "Joseph Clukey 50, b.March 1850 CAN, married 21 yrs, dealer in realestate, immigrated to the US in 1860,.. Sarah Clukey 45, b.July 1855 CAN, mother of 1 child, 1 living, immigrated to the US in 1861,.. John Norris 28, b.Oct 1872 CAN, bro-in-law, immigrated to the US in 1884,.. Philip Norris 45, b.June 1844 CAN, bro-in-law., immigrated to the US in 1861."

1920 US CENSUS Turner, Arenac, MI (Sheet 3, house #41)... Sarah Cluckey 63, b.CAN,.. John Norris 49, b.CAN, brother.

1930 US CENSUS Turner, Arenac, MI (sheet 1B, house #18)... Sarah Cluckey 74, b.CAN,.. John Norris 60, b.CAN, brother.

Book: The Everingham family of Michigan by Kevin Everingham (c)2006, mentions Sarah and Joseph Cluckey in the section about Turner, MI "The only Norris family living in Turner at the same time, who were the age of Louisa, were Joseph & Sarah (Norris) Cluckey. Joe was a successful real estate agent and land owner. Sarah's brothers John and Philip Norris were living with them."

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