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Marie Cynthianna EVERINGHAM
b.abt 1896 Logan County, OH
Lawrence G. KING
m.17 June 1913 Logan, OH
s/o Samuel E. King & Sadie Fultz
children: KING
  1. Ruth M. (b.~1914 OH)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. George H. (b.~1889)
  2. Charles W. (b.~1892)
  3. Lewis Lease (b.~1895)
  4. John J. (b.~1898)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Research timeline of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2011-2012;

1910 CENSUS Bellefontaine, Logan, OH (page 13, family #300) Henry Everingham 47, b.OH,.. Anna 37m, b.OH, wife,.. George H. 21,.. Charles W. 18,.. Lois L. 15,.. Marie 14,.. John J. 12.

1913 Logan, OH Marriage Record (p.319, #631) Lawrence King 20, b.Bellefontaine, OH, s/o Samuel E. King & Sadie Fultz,.. married June 17, 1913 at Logan County, OH, to;... Marie Everingham 17, b.Bellefontaine, OH, d/o Henry Everingham & Anna Lease.

1920 CENSUS Franklin, OHIO ... Henry Everingham 58, b.OH, married,... Anna 48, wife, b.OH,.. Louis L. 25, son, b.OH, single,.. John J. 21, son, b.OH, single.... Lawrence G. King 25, b.OH, son-in-law,... Marie King 23, daughter, b.OH, married,.. Ruth M. King 6, granddaughter, b.OH.

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