Eugenia PARROTT b.16 Oct 1866 Cascade, Dubuque, Iowa
d.10 Mar 1950
Fred MEAD 16 Mar 1886
John "Jack" PARROTT (b.1813)
Catharine EVERINGHAM (b.1827)
children: MEAD
    children of Eugenia & Fred Mead
  1. Hazel MEAD
  2. Natalie MEAD
    children of Eugenia & Elmer H. Parrott
  3. Ruth PARROTT
    children of Eugenia & George W. Riggle
  4. Cecil RIGGLE
  5. George RIGGLE
  1. Florence (b.1848)
  2. Mary (b.1850)
  3. George Washington (b.1852)
  4. Henry J. (b.1853)
  5. Cely (b.1856)
  6. Artimas E. (b.1858)
  7. Kate (b.1860 d.1860)
  8. Horace Evering (b.1861)
  9. Earnest Ferdinand (b.1863)
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2Updated Parrott info from Grant Hayes, Duluth MN, 11-17-2000.

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