Altay May FORDE b.26 May 1888 Copetown, Ontario 2
d.2 Feb 1970 London, Ont. 2
William O. PETTIE 23 Jun 1909
Dundas, Ontario 2
(b.26 Mar 1875 d.18 Nov 1928)
John FORDE (b.1853 d.1929) 2
Margaret CUMMINS (b.1855 d.1933) 2
children: PETTIE
  1. William Ford (b.28 Apr 1910)
  2. Katherine Odbert (b.7 Oct 1911)
  3. Margaret Alta (b.3 Nov 1913)
  4. William "Elroy" (b.15 Jul 1915)
  5. Mary Eleanore "Marion" (b.6 Mar 1917)
  6. Dorothy Aileen (b.24 Jan 1920)
  7. John Wilford (b.10 Oct 1928)
GrandParents: 2
Joseph FORDE (b.1820 Ireland d.1902)
Mary HAMILTON (b.1830 d.1912)

George R. CUMMINS (b.1828 d.1869)
Maria D. HATHAWAY (b.1835 d.1873)

info sources:
1Info & photo from John L. Everingham
2From Pedigree Charts by W.E.Pettie.
-----------from left to right; (marked with sibling numbers from above)
(5) Marion Pettie, (2) Katherine "Pettie" Mills, Alta May "Forde" Pettie, (4) Elroy Pettie,
(6) Dorothy "Pettie" McElwee, (7) John (Jack) Pettie, (3) Margaret Alta "Pettie" Everingham

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