"3rd Earl of Lancaster"
Grandson of King Henry III, King of England
born about 1281
d.22 Sept 1345 Leicester, England
Interred; Newark Abbey, Leicester
married before March 2, 1297

Edmund PLANTAGENET (b.1245)
Blanche of Artois (b.abt 1247)
daughter of the Count of Artois & widow of King Henry I, "Henry The Fat", King of Navarre.

children of Henry & Maud PLANTAGENET
  1. Blanche (b.circa 1305)
  2. Henry (b.~1306) Duke of Lancaster
  3. Eleanor (b.abt 1311)
  4. Maud (b.abt 1311)
  5. Joan (b.circa 1312)
  6. Isabel (b.circa 1317)
    Abbess of Ambresbury
  7. Mary (b.1321)


  1. Thomas (b.~1276)
    2nd Earl of Lancaster
  2. John (b.~1286) Lord of Beaufort
  3. Mary
fact sources and writings about this individual:
The Complete Peerage vol.VII,pages; 396-401

writings from the Peerage; Earl of Leicester 1324. He was one of the leaders of the great confederacy which overturned the power of the Spencers and deposed Kind Edward II. He was appointed guardian of the new King Edward III. He was appointed captain- general of all the King's forces in the Marches of Scotland.

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