Peter Tilghman EVERNGAM b.1859
d.27 July 1933 Fernwood, Sussex, Delaware
Ida HIGNUTT Dec 24, 1895
in Denton Maryland
(b.1874 d.1932)
Joseph Medford EVERNGAM (b.1837)
Virginia H. HUBBARD (b.1837)
children: EVERNGAM
  1. Hattie Ruth (b.Sept 1897)
  2. Enollie (b.1899)
  3. James Norman (b.12 Sept 1901)
  4. Charles W. (b.1902)
  5. Lester Kemp (b.1903)
  6. Clayta
  7. Ralph (b.1909)
siblings: EVERNGAM
  1. William Jefferson (b.1861)
  2. Mary L. (b.1864)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1outline info from Renee Marr sent 2000.

Research of Kevin Everingham, 2008
1870 CENSUS Smithville, Caroline Co., Maryland, ... Joseph M. Everngam 33,.. Virginia E. 31,.. Peter T. 10,.. William J. 8,.. Mary L. 6.

1900 CENSUS American Comer, Caroline Co., Maryland, ... Peter Everngam b.Dec 1859 MD, parents b.MD, married 4 years,... Ida, b.July 1873 MD, wife, parents b.MD, married 4 years, mother of 2 children, 1 living,... Hattie R. b.Sept 1897 MD, daughter.

1901 Birth Register ... James Norman Everngam, b.12 September 1901 at Hickman, Kent, Delaware, s/o Peter T. Everngam & Ida Hignutt.

1930 CENSUS Caroline County, Maryland ... P.T. Everngam 70,.. Ida L. 53,.. Hattie R. 29,.. Norman J. 27,.. Lester K, 23.

1933 Death Registration ... Peter T. Everngam d.27 July 1933 at Fernwood, Sussex, Delaware, s/o Joseph M. Everngam & Virginia Hubbard, spouse: Ida L. Morgan. Was Ida's last name recorded wrong or is this a second wife?

1933 MD Probate Estate Records... Peter T. Everngam of Caroline County, Maryland... Probate Records (Regular Estate) filed 29 August, 1933

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