Richard Ernest EVERINGHAM b.1906 Ontario
Mildred STUBBS
Margaret Jane EVERINGHAM
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Mildred "Peggy" (b.1935) "WAHL"
  2. Patricia (b.1939) "DOEMLAND"
  3. Fredrick Peter (b.1941)
  1. Edward Mortimer EVERINGHAM (b.1904)
    Children of Margaret & Del Goodnough:
  2. Oliver Hiram GOODNOUGH (b.1912)
  3. Harvey Terril GOODNOUGH (b.1913)
  4. Etta Winnifred GOODNOUGH (b.1915)
  5. Florence Ellen GOODNOUGH (b.1917)
  6. Gordon Grant GOODNOUGH (b.1918)
  7. Albert Wesley GOODNOUGH (b.1919)
  8. Norman Loyal GOODNOUGH (b.1921)
  9. Jack Leroy GOODNOUGH (b.1923)
  10. Grace Janet GOODNOUGH (b.1929)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
information from Robert Ernest Everingham, sent January 2012.

Robert; "Fredrick Peter is my father, he married Mary Fern Bentley and they had two sons, Bentley Richard Everingham and myself Robert Ernest Everingham. Bentley has no children, however I have three children, Mina Anastasia Everingham (b. 1998), Rory Elizabeth Everingham (b. 2000), and Dever Michael Joseph Everingham (b. 2005)."

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