Roy Robert Everingham b.13 Aug 1924 San Diego, California
Norma Dee DAVIS (1934- )
married 22 Nov 1952
San Diego California
Adolphus Charles EVERINGHAM (b.1899)
Gladys H. OWENS
children: EVERINGHAM 1
  1. Becky D. (b.1953)
  2. Roy Robert Jr. "Buck" (b.1954)
    adopted boys:
  3. Larry
  4. Gary
  1. Charles (b.7 Feb 1922)
  2. Dolly Mae
Roy Jr. "Buck" (left) and Roy Everingham Sr. (right)
Photo from the San Diego Union Tribune April 23, 2000
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Some of the Information on Roy is from a letter from Roy to cousin John L Everingham in 1980.

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