Sir Robert de EVERINGHAM2
"Sir Robert of Everingham, York"
b.1275-12761,5 England
d.bef 4 Apr 13162
Lucia "Lucy" de THWENG (b.1278-80)
married before 29 Jan 13123
Kilton Castle, Brotton, Yorkshire, England
Alice DeLaHYDE
children: EVERINGHAM

Lucia was born in Kilton Castle, and was the heiress of that estate, her son, Reynold de Everingham succeeded his parents seat at "Rokely".1
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Date/Info from Hall of Names Research (c)1994 cert# 943320-12.10 H-12068
2Robert de Everingham and Lucy his wife conveyed the manors of Brotton and Kirkburn, and a moiety of the balliwick of the wapentake of Langbaurgh & all Co. York, to themselves and the heirs of their bodies (feet of fines, case 270, file 87, no.8) Robert died shortly before 4 Apr 1316 and wife Lucy died 8 Jan 1346/7.
3Family Search Pedigree Resource CD#5, CD#12, CD#14 and CD#15 (different sources, all match)

5 Jan 29. 1313. Windsor Membrane 3d.
Commission of oyer and terminer to John de Insula, Richard de Bernyngham, Roger de Clitherom and John de Donecastre, on complaint by Robert de Everyngham that Nicholas de Meynille, Thomas Gobarn, William Wodman, John de Eston, John le Kokesone, John Le Levediman, Simon le Warener of Brotton, Robert de Boynton, Laurence son of William Gold of Sexhou and Michael de Rosels, together with others, came by night with horses and arms, and at Everyngham, co. York, abducted Lucy his wife, whom they found there, and carried her away, together with his goods, which they still detain. By fine of 40s. [Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward II, vol. I, 1307-1313]

see Lucy's page, it appears that these men stole Everinghams wife and some other "property", and were fined. She was not returned and became the wife of de Meynell. There was much fighting over Lucy, she must have been quite a prize, having been married at least 4 times to various Barons, Knights and major land holders. She is described in the Hall of Names research as the "fair but frail daughter of Sir Robert de Thweng, Lord of Kilton.

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