b.1864 Troy, Rensselaer, NY
Lottie CASE (m.25 July 1893 OH)
Lottie was convicted of bigamy 1895
Jermina Fovelle DeBIGRAS (b.~1881)
m.1902 Ohio
Annie (STEVENSON) Dingee
married abt June, 1908 OH.
Ida (OBY) Fischer (m.28 Feb 1912 OH)
d/o Joseph Oby & Matilda Nolan
Royce EVERINGHAM (b.England)
children: EVERINGHAM
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Francis (b.~1859 NY)
  2. James (b.~1867 NY)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2008-2009:

1870 CENSUS Troy, Rensselaer, NY (family #469)... George Everingham 33, traveling agent, realestate 2500,.. Mary 31,.. Frank 11,.. Royce 6,.. James 3. (all born in NY)

1893 OH Marriage Record #3846 Cuyahoga County... Royce J. Everingham, married Lottie Case on July 25, 1893 at Cuyahoga, Ohio. He signed it: "Royce James Everingham".
1895 Evening Bulletin, Maysville, KY, Sept 11, 1895... Guilty of Bigamy, Ashland, O, Sept. 11, - Lottie Case of Cleveland pleaded guilty to bigamy, and was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. Her husbands were Royce J. Everingham of Cleveland, and John Hyman of Savannah.
I have a feeling this story may be about the continued exploits of "Lottie":
1896 The Scranton Tribune, PA, May 11, 1896... "POISONED BY ZINC Cleveland, Ohio, May 10. - Alexander Mckenzie, a clerk in the offices of the Pennsylvania railroad, was found dead in the bed this afternoon and Mrs. James Everingham, the woman with whom he was living, was drunk in the same bed. The man had died from a dose of sulphate of zinc which the woman had given him. She was placed under arrest charged with murder. The woman was pardoned from the penitentiary four weeks ago. She was serving a term for bigamy. The reason for the crime is thought to be an insurance policy in her favor."

1902 OH Marriage Record ... Royce Everingham 38, b.Troy, NY,.. s/o Royce Everingham & Mary Ellis.. married June 4, 1902 to... Jermina Fovelle De Bigras 21, b.Canada, d/o Jno DeBigras & Mary Almond.

1908 OH Marriage Record #57458... Royce Everingham 44, b. Troy, NY, occ; teamster, s/o Royce Everingham & Mary Ellis.. married ... Annie Dingee 41, married name: Dwyer & Dingee b.Cleveland, OH, d/o James Stevenson & Dorthea Archer... both bride and groom noted as previously married twice... License issued June 1, 1908.

1912 OH Marriage Record (pg.355)... Royce Everingham 48, b.Troy, NY, s/o Royce Everingham & Mary Ellis, previous marriages "three - all died",.. married Ida Fischer 53, b.Atwater, Ohio, d/o Joseph Oby & Matilda Nolan, previous marriages "three" Cornwell (died), Funk (died), Fischer (died). License issued February 28, 1912.... married Feb 28, 1912.

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